• How do I know what books are too hard for my student to read?  Teach your student the five finger rule:

    1. Choose a book you would like to read.
    2. Look at a page in the middle.
    3. Hold up one finger for every word you can't read or don't understand. If you have five fingers up, the book may be too hard.
    4. If you have fewer than five fingers up, the book is probably just right! Read it.

    What if I have more than 5 fingers up for the FIVE FINGER RULE?

    While reading the first page of a book, count the unknown words (using fingers to keep track is fine). If there are five or more, the book is too hard for now. Read that book together!


    To build a child's comprehension, they must read as much as possible from a book on their correct reading level.  
    Once they read a story:
    Ask your child a lot of questions about the story in general and about specific pages to see if he/she really understands what was read. If your child cannot tell you accurate and detailed information about the story he/she has read, chances are, it is too hard for now.

    .To choose a book that is "just right" answer yes to most of the questions below:

    "JUST RIGHT" Books:

    1. Is this book new to you?

    2. Do you understand a lot of the book?

    3. Are there just a few words on a page that you don't know?

    4. When you read, are some places smooth and some choppy?

    It is "TOO EASY" if you answer yes to the following:

    1. Have you read it lots of times before?

    2. Do you understand the story really well?

    3. Do you know almost every word?

    4. Can you read it smoothly?

    5. Does it have a picture on every page?

    It is "TOO HARD" if you answer yes to the following:

    1. Are there more than 5 words on a page that you don't know?

    2. Are you confused about what is happening in most of this book?

    3. When you read, does it sounds pretty choppy?

    4. Is everyone else busy and unable to help you?