• Eagle Mountain Elementary is a Liink campus.  Part of the Liink curriculum is a daily Positive Action lesson taught by the classroom teacher that helps with character development and social interactions with others. Guidance lessons are created to support the unit themes and vocabulary to reinforce the Positive Action lessons.  


    Positive Action Guidance Lessons


    Unit #1: Throughts, Feelings and Actions all go together

    * I like myself and my differences (unique)


    Unit #2: Body and Mind

    * I will solve problems and conflicts respectfully with others


    Unit #3: Managing Yourself

    * I am responsible for myself and for managing my feelings


    Unit #4: Treating others how you want to be treated

    * I will treat others with respect


    Unit #5: Tell yourself the truth

    * I will be honest with myself and others

    * I will take responsibility for my actions


    Unit #6: Improving yourself

    * I will set goals for myself


    Unit #7: Review of Positive Actions to feel good about yourself