• Hello Dozier parents, guardians, staff, and students! My name is Vatana Alcantar, and I am your school counselor. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Texas and my Master of Education degree from Tarleton State University. I am also working on acquiring my hours to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Prior to being a school counselor, I worked as a Special Education teacher and have been in the district for eight years. I have always been passionate about education because of how much power it has to alter the outcome of a student's life. What I love most about working in education is being able to truly make a difference in the lives of parents and students in the community. I greatly enjoy being able to build relationships with everyone I meet, and I look forward to working with you this school year!

    I have lived in the once small town of Saginaw for most of my life. It has grown tremendously in comparison to how small it was twenty+ years ago. Regardless of how much its grown, Saginaw will always be home to me! I grew up in this school district and now have the pleasure of serving my community by working closely with the staff, parents, and students of Dozier. It is an absolute privilege to be able to serve your family with any social, developmental, or academic needs that may arise. I believe that a comprehensive school counseling program, when implemented effectively, is a proactive measure used to not only benefit the students, but parents, teachers, administrators, and the community as well. Our counseling program will become an integral component of each student's daily educational environment and will facilitate in obtaining student achievement. Each child should feel nurtured, safe, and encouraged in order to maximize their potential. Academic success stems from social and developmental needs being met, which will be addressed through the counseling program. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at Dozier @ extension 4510, schedule a visit in my office, or send me an e-mail at valcantar@ems-isd.net.