• What do professional school counselors do?

    Today's school counselors are vital members of the educational team. They help all students in the area of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. School counselors are an important part of the educational leadership team and provide valuable assistance. Counselors can give support to students to assist with coping, solving problems and making good decisions. They are trained to provide guidance to students and parents related to many subjects including:

    • Academic concerns and requirements
    • Career Awareness
    • Communication skills
    • Decision-making, goal-setting, planning and problem solving (conflict resolution)
    • Interpersonal reslationships and social skills
    • Motivation to achieve
    • Respect for others and apprciation of cultural differences
    • Responsbile behavior
    • Safety issues
    • Self-empowerment and resiliency
    • Self-understanding and self-confidence

    While school counselors can help students through a crisis and provide support on an as-needed basis, they do not provide long-term therapy. School counselors have been trained to identify possible mental health issues and refer parents and student to outside resources when needed.

    Classroom Guidance:

    Classroom guidance lessons are provided to all students one time per month. The EMS-ISD counseling department provides a scope and sequence for the lessons which are aligned with the American School Counseling Association standards. The lessons are then created to reinforce the lessons and vocabulary that the students are provided by Positive Action lessons in their classrooms.

    Small Groups:

    The counseling program at EME offers small gorup counseling for our students. Small groups provide not only the opportunity for additional learning experiences of social and emotional skills, but also a time for sharing and time for growing together for fellow students. Small groups give the students a chance to belong, a chance to express themselves and a chance to benefit from the support of group members. At EME, I offer small groups that cover a variety of student's needs. 

    To make a counseling referral, please email me or you can click the link below:

    Counseling Referral Form