• Complete on Google Docs

    Bring a typed paper copy on Thursday, March 1, 2018



    Font: Times New Roman

    Header: Top Left, 8pt font, Bold

    Title: Centered, 14 pt font, bold

    Writing:  10 pt font, double spaced


    The prompt:  Write a 5 paragraph on the 3 most influential Enlightenment thinkers on the Declaration of Indpependence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.


    Paragraphs  I.  Introduction: 5 Sentences including hook thesis or at least a thesis

    Paragraphs II-IV   1. Intro Sentence

                              2. Fact or suppporting detail about influential person

                              3. Comment (your comment/opinion)

                              4. Comment (your comment/opinion)

                              5. Fact or supporting detail about influential person

                              6. Comment (your comment/opinion)

                              7. Commeent (your comment/opion)

                              8. Hook into next paragraph

    (repeart for body paragraphs III and IV)

    V. Conclusion-Restate and explain how your proved your thesis (3-5 sentences)


    Body II should be the middle most influential philosphe

    Body III should be the least influential philosophe

    Body IV should be the most influential philosophe


    Bring a typed final copy to class Thursday.  Bring two different color highlighters.


    Highlight thesis and fact/supporting detail in once color.

    Highlight comments in another color.

    Number sentences 1-34 but putting the number above the puncutation of that sentence.  DO NOT start over at 1 for each paragraph.  Paragraph II will start with sentence number 6.