• SPUR Character

    Word of the Week 2023-2024


    Week 1) August 14-18

    Positive Action: To do or cause good things to happen


    Week 2) August 21-25

    Self-Concept: How you think and feel about yourself


    Week 3) August 28-September 1

    Valuable: Precious or great worth


    Week 4) September 4-8

    Happiness & Success: To feel good about who you are, what you are doing, and how you treat others


    Week 5) September 11-15

    Unique: To be one of a kind.


    Week 6) September 18-22

    Success: To feel good about who you are, what you are doing, and how you treat others.


    Week 7) September 25-29

    Healthy: To be well or have good health


    Week 8) October 2-6

    Wellness: To be totally healthy in body, mind, and feelings


    Week 9) October 9-13

    Creative: To be able to make something new


    Week 10) October 16-20

    Challenge: A task that calls for special effort


    Week 11) October 23-27

    Curious: Eager to learn how and why things happen


    Week 12) October 30-November 3

    Decision: To think about the choices and pick the best one


    Week 13) November 6-10

    Time: When something happens; Energy: The force to do something


    Week 14) November 13-17

    Talent: A natural ability that can be developed


    Week 15) November 27-December 1

    Possessions: Things you are responsible for; Money: Coins and bills


    Week 16) December 4-8

    Thoughts: Ideas that result from thinking


    Week 17) December 11-15

    Actions: What you do or cause to happen


    Week 18) January 1-5

    Feelings: Emotions such as anger, fear, love, and worry


    Week 19) January 8-12

    Friendship: Caring for people who choose to be together


    Week 20) January 15-19

    Love: To show unconditional caring


    Week 21) January 29-February 2

    Empathy: To think how others feel


    Week 22) February 5-9

    Respect: To show special care for people


    Week 23) February 12-16

    Kindness: To care for others and take thoughtful action; Fairness: To treat others with justice


    Week 24) February 19-23

    Cooperation: To work with others for a common purpose


    Week 25) February 21-25

    Self-Honesty: To tell yourself the truth


    Week 26) February 26-March 1

    Truth: Something you can count on


    Week 27) March 4-8

    Integrity: To do what you say you will do


    Week 28) March 18-22

    Self-Responsibility: To answer for your actions


    Week 29) March 25-29

    Trust: To have confidence or faith


    Week 30) April 1-5

    Forgiveness: To give up anger and resentment


    Week 31) April 8-12

    Self-Improvement: To make yourself better by taking positive actions


    Week 32) April 15-19

    Goals: Dreams you want to reach


    Week 33) April 22-26

    Potential: The power to do


    Week 34) April 29-May 3

    Courage: A willingness to ace problems or fear


    Week 35) May 6-10

    Opportunities: Chances to improve


    Week 36) May 13-17

    Persistence: To move step-by-step toward a goal


    Week 37) May 20-24