• Standards: The Spirit of Saginaw Band holds our staff, students, and band parents to high standards.  We stress integrity, honesty, continual growth and strives for excellence by setting the example in all aspects of life.  We offer opportunities to our students to develop outstanding citizens of our community.  You and your student are part of an incredible group.  Your participation in your student's career will be rewarding and memorable!

    Band Handbook: The handbook details the Spirit of Saginaw Band standards and expectations.  By being a member of the SOS Band, you are agreeing to uphold the values and integrity of this program.
    We the members of the Spirit of Saginaw High School Band, in order to become a more successful organization, shall strive to our very best to become a group that will not settle for second best.  We are a group with honesty, dignity, strength, and pride.  Only through hard work shall we achieve our dreams!

    Marching Field Guide: This guide is useful for learning the basic technique and vocabulary for our marching band.  It is a guide for any level - beginner to advanced.  Learn the basics of how to march as well as the different marching exercises so you can be ready for marching auditions in August.

    Marching Show: Go to CANVAS to access the show music & drill.  Also, complete your dot book before every rehearsal

    Audition Results: Get the chair order results from auditions. 

    Leadership/Drum Major Application: Applicants should follow all directions and adhere to timelines.

    Private Lessons: Enroll with our professional teachers and help your student grow to a better performer.  Lessons are the NUMBER ONE way to better not only your student, but the entire band program.  When individuals improve, everyone improves!

    Summer Band Camp Opportunities: There are numerous camps at local colleges & high schools throughout the summer.  Make friends, make memories, and make music!

    Remind App: Sign-up to get updates from the directors.  This is our #1 communication tool

    CANVAS: Access to Canvas for playing tests for marching music, region music, auditions, chair tests, etc.

    Marching & Concert Season Uniform: Marching Season Show Day: Khaki shorts/jeans, show shirt, band baseball cap
    Marching Uniform: Marching bibs & Jacket, compression shorts & shirt, long black socks, black marching shoes, gloves, gauntlets, shako
    Gentleman: "Tuxedo" - Black pants & Jacket, White Dress Shirt, Black Bow Tie, Black Socks & Dress Shoes
    Ladies: All Black - Arms & Legs covered, black dress shoes

    SAT Dates: DO NOT enroll for the test in October or November as these dates conflict with marching contests.

    Band Registration & Fees: Complete online registration before the April/May date to save time.  Bring a $50 deposit to register for dues.
    Band Fees are collected from each student to cover expenses incurred in the numerous Band/Guard/Percussion activities.  The amount of the fees may vary year to year, depending on competition & travel expenses that take place.  To assist in payment of these fees, fundraising opportunities are made available to help students and parents raise money for their fees.​

    Concert Programs: Use a QR reader to view the concert program 

    Audio Recordings: Listen to recordings of your students

    AP Music Theory: Use this link to access Ms. Holley's AP Theory resources.  Also, sign up for the Canvas course and have access to several links to help you understand music on a deeper level.

    AP Music Theory is an intensive course that will reward you in many ways!
    In order for our class to progress, it is important that we begin the year with a similar foothold on the material.
    By the first day of class, you are expected to know and understand

    • The orientation of the piano
    • Key Signatures
    • Scales (12 major)
    • Time Signatures
    • Simple Rhythms 

    Get the book "Learn to Read Music" by Harry Baxter & Michael Baxter. Read it and take notes!

    Also, visit musictheory.net and teoria.com for lessons and exercises to practice your theory skills.