•  STEPS - Solutions to effective problem solving

    The Board encourages students and parents, employees and members of the public to discuss their concerns with the appropriate teacher, principal, or administrator who has the authority to address the concern. Our hope is that concerns are able to be resolved at the lowest administrative level possible.  

Process for Employees

  • STEP 1- Contact the Staff Member/Principal/Supervisor

    Employees are encouraged to discuss their concerns through informal conferences with the person with whom they have the concern.

    STEP 2- Level 1 Grievance 

    If your concerns are not resolved by contacting your supervisor, you should contact the building administrator. Most times this will be the campus principal, director, or another administrator. You will be directed to begin the grievance process as outlined in Board Policy DBGA(LOCAL). Download an Employee Grievance Packet.

    STEP 3 – Level 2 Grievance

    If your concerns are not resolved by the Level 1 Grievance, submission of a Level 2 Appeal is an option. Download a Level 2 Appeal Notice.