• Welcome to Yearbook 2019-2020

    I am excited to take on the creative challenge of Yearbook and look forward to the collaborating with my students to make our yearbook special.

    Additionally, Yearbook students have the privilege of creating a student magazine, Let's Talk. When we aren't working on the yearbook, we are curating stories for the magazine.

    Dedication and commitment are strong values that are stressed in this class. People are counting on us to deliver a product and it's up to us to achieve those expectations. Every student will have a job that he or she will be accountable for and graded on their ability to complete their assignments.

    Those jobs include:

    • Yearbook Editor
    • Photographers
    • Graphic Designers
    • Page Editors
    • Reporters
    • Sales/Marketing Team


    Parents, if you would like to assist me in editing the Yearbook, I welcome you as a volunteer. Please reach out via email rasher@ems-isd.net or call me 817-237-9631 x5528.


    Rebecca Asher