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    If your organization does not have an official letterhead, please use Volunteer Hours Form to document your hours.  If your organization has a letterhead, then that MUST be used per by-laws.

    All monthly meetings are mandatory and count as one chapter hour.  You may attend either the 8:30 am mtg or the 4:30 pm mtg.  Not attending meetings could result in removal from the club.  

    You need 15 Chapter hours and 15 individual hours each school year.  Chapter hours are served as a club and the GS sponsor MUST be present for it to count. You will officially check-in with the sponsor when serving Chapter hours.  Individual hours are served by yourself in the community.

    To submit service hours, email proof of service to SHSGoldStandard@gmail.com.  Proof MUST contain organization letterhead and be signed by your supervisor unless you are using the GS form or working at Community Link.

    Also, hours for the school year must be served after June 1 of the same year. Check out the Community Service Guidelines page for more information about what counts towards your hours.

    Remember - as a sophomore who may be applying for NHS in the spring, you need to have ALL your Gold Standard commitments fulfilled before submitting your NHS application in late March/early April.