• Purchase your 2018-2019 HCE Yearbook

    There are 2 ways to order!

    1. In person at PTA Events (cash or check)

    October 30th Trunk or Treat

     November 9th Star Gazers Program

    December 14th Family Movie Night 

    2. Online (debit or credit card)

    Go to Balfour.com and search for High Country 

    Use this option for 5th grade dedications 

  • 5th Grade Dedications

    Tell your students how proud they make you through their yearbook!

    How to create and purchase ads:

    1. Visit balfour.com and search for High Country 

    2. Log in to purchase and create a dedication ad online 

    3. When complete your ad will be delivered to the yearbook staff


    Ads are $20 for 1/4 page, 

    ***Extended Deadline***Ads must be submitted by January 18th, 2019



  • We Want Your Pics for the Yearbook!

    Send images to the yearbook staff from your smartphone:

    1. Search for Balfour Image Shar in your app store

    2. Download the app and create your account

    3. Our school's yearbook project # is 914717




    Go to images,balfour.com to upload images from any internet-connect computer

  • Questions?


    Alison Adams- aadams@ems-isd.net

    Michelle Graham- mgraham@ems-isd.net