• The Guidance and Counseling office works together with teachers, parents and different agencies in the community to promote healthy habits, positive interpersonal relationships, and academic success.
    Throughout the year students participate in different activities like:
    Guidance Lessons
    To promote positive attitudes and responsible behavior.
    Individual and small group short-term counseling services
    To provide support and address immediate concerns of students.
    Mentor Program
    Implemented in partnership with the Saginaw High School PALS program. Students meet with their mentor for 30 minutes once a week.
    Red Ribbon Week
    Celebrated by the end of October every year. Students participate in activities to promote drug use prevention and healthy habits.
    Generation TX Week
    Celebrated during the month of November to emphasize the importance of a good education and familiarize students with different careers and occupations, as well as to increase awareness of all post-secondary education options.
    Safety Week
    Celebrated during the month of April. Students participate in activities that promote safety, prevention and healthy habits.