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    National Junior Honor Society

    How do I become a member of NJHS?

    Election of members shall be based on the following criteria:

    Criterion 1:     All candidates must have attended the inducting middle school for the equivalent of one semester.

    Criterion 2:     Candidates for membership shall have maintained an overall average of 93 or above in all ACADEMIC courses undertaken during the candidate’s middle school enrollment. The core subjects (ELA, literature, math science, social studies) averaged together should be 93 or above.  (Averages are not rounded up or down).  For calculation purposes only, 5 points will be added to the numeric grade in GT/Pre AP classes.

    Criterion 3:     Students who have been in the Special Assignment Class or have been suspended from school for any reason during the year in which they are being considered for membership are not eligible for admission to NJHS.

    Criterion 4:     Each candidate must complete and return a student information sheet that will include a list of school activities and service to the community and/or school, as well as an explanation for any citizenship or disciplinary infractions on the candidate’s record.  This information will be evaluated by the Faculty Council, who will have final approval for membership.   The final selection of members shall be by the approval of the Faculty Advisory Council based on the determination of character, leadership, citizenship and service.

    Criterion 5:     An active member of the NJHS who transfers from another accredited school will be accepted for membership in this chapter.