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     National Honor Society
    How do I become a member of NHS?
    Enthusiasm for scholarship
    Promote Leadership
    Render Service
    Develop Character
    Candidate Activity Packets
    Minimum 93.000 overall GPA to receive a packet (no rounding)
    Must have attended the inducting high school for at least one semester
    Candidate packets sent out after 1st semester of sophomore and/or junior year
    Candidate packets sent out after 1st six weeks of senior year
    NHS Faculty Council
    Selected by the principal; includes one teacher from each core subject and one teacher from an elective subject
    Faculty Council members determine selection and non-selection of candidates for NHS
    Acceptance/non-acceptance based on, but not limited to:
    Completed packets/packets filled out correctly
    Meeting deadline for submission
    Overall GPA of 93.000 (no rounding)
    Service (15 hours during the past 9 months; must be on letterhead with adult contact and contact number)
    Character (attendance, discipline/behavior, SAC)
    To learn more about the National Honor Society at each of the District's three high schools, please follow the links below.