• An option for cheer shoes. These specific shoes are not required but plain white cheer shoes are, this is just an option. 


    Requirements for Middle School Cheerleading


    • Eight candidates representing the seventh grade and eight candidates representing the eighth grade will be selected. Academic eligibility to try out for cheerleader is based on grades earned during the current school year in the five (5) core classes. The core classes are English/Language Arts, Reading/Literature, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
    • The cumulative average in each core subject (average of the six weeks grades through the most recent 6-weeks reporting period) shall be 70 or above for each core class.
    • Citizenship eligibility shall be based on all classes taken. To be eligible to try out a student must have no more than one “N”. In addition, any “U’s” in citizenship will disqualify a student from participating in the selection.
    • No student who has more than one term of placement in SAC, suspension, or an alternative education program will be eligible to tryout. Any student who has been expelled from school for any portion of the school year will be unable to tryout.
    • The candidates will try out before a panel of judges. The judges’ scores will count 100%. The scores will be tabulated under the supervision of an administrator and new squad members’ names will be posted.
    • Parents and candidates are responsible for completing, signing, and returning all forms handed out at the mandatory tryout meeting. Students with incomplete paperwork will not be allowed to physically participate until all paperwork has been successfully completed.  Parents need to read all information carefully and sign forms to give permission for their daughter/son to participate.