• Wayside HB, SB, CB / 2019 – 2020 Calendar

    AUGUST 2019

    Aug. 20 – HB/SB/CB students will need instruments on this date!

    Aug. 29 – Parent Informational Meeting about everything BAND!!! Wayside Cafeteria at 6:00 pm.   


    SEPTEMBER 2019

    Sept. 06 – All band forms and Band fee #1 are due.  (i.e. info packet forms, band activity fee, instrument usage contracts and fees). Fees may be paid in one-three installments.  Fees are due from every member of the band.

    Sept. 19 – Roller Skating Party at RollerWorld Northeast in Watuaga – 6-8 pm (cost $5)

    Sept. 27 – 8th Grade Band Night at Boswell Football Game!!! All 8th grade members are invited to attend!


    OCTOBER 2019

    Oct. 01 - Band fee payment #2 due (if paying in installments) 

    Oct. 09 - ALL 7th and 8th graders will attend the EMS ISD High School Marching Exhibition at CTHS stadium.  Students will need to bring their instruments and provide their own transportation to CTHS before and after the event.  NO Buses!  6:00 pm for drop-off and 8:30 for pick-up.  A designated WMS meeting area will be announced closer to the event.

    Oct. 11 -  FUNDRAISER – SnapRaise!  Have 20 emails of family and friends ready and in student phone/device note app. Emails will NOT be sold to third party companies (this is a school fund raising company) – Everyone NEEDS to participate.

    Oct. 21 – All City Masterclasses – 5:30-7:30 pm (location TBD) – ALL Honor Band members must attend

    Oct. 24 – All City Band Auditions at Wayside MS (percussion, double reeds, low reeds, euphonium, tuba) – auditions begin at 6 pm à ALL Honor Band members must attend

    Oct. 26 – All City Band Auditions at Wayside MS (all other instruments) – Wayside MS, auditions begin at 9 am à ALL Honor Band members must attend


    NOVEMBER 2019

    Nov. 01 – Band fee Payment #3 due (if paying in installments)

    Nov. 07 - All Region Band Percussion, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet auditions at Trinity Springs - Keller. (Phase 1).  Students must provide their own transportation!  (Students who advance to PHASE 2 will audition again on Saturday, November 9th at Aledo High School).  ALL     HONOR BAND MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE

    Nov. 09 – All Region Band auditions at Aledo HS.  Meet at WMS at 6:30 AM.  A bus will be provided ONLY in the morning from Wayside to Aledo. Students must arrange their own transportation home. ALL HONOR BAND MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE.

    We will travel by bus to the event.  Everyone will need a ride home after they perform.  The bus will not come back to Wayside Middle School until very late in the day.  It would be best NOT to wait for the bus.  If you have transportation issues, tell Dr. Shaffer now!


    December 2019

    Dec. 06 – Region Clinic (all day) at Granbury High School, specific times TBA. ***for those who made the Region Band only!!!

    Dec. 07 – All Region Clinic / Concert at Granbury High School, specific rehearsal and concert times TBA.

    Dec. 19 – Holiday Concert – Gym B at 7 pm (All students REQUIRED to attend – major grade)


    January 2020

    Jan. 09 – All City Band sectional rehearsal in evening, held at Prairie Vista MS from 5:30-7:00 pm (for those who made the All City Band).  

    January 10 – All City Band clinic/concert @ Saginaw High School.

    Jan. 17-18 –ITZ Lock In!  More details to come.  All students wishing to participate must be eligible with grades and in good standing with Wayside Middle School and the WMS Band.  *Additional costs apply*


    February 2020

    Feb. 29 – Solo/Ensemble Contest.  The contest will be held at Ed Willkie MS.  Individual times TBD!


    March 2020

    March 21 - Pre - UIL BAND CONTEST, held at Boswell HS.  TIME TBA à ALL Honor Band AND Symphonic Band members are REQUIRED to attend – major grade.


    April 2020

    April 02 - UIL Contest @ BHS - Non-Varsity bands (SB) TIME TBA.

    April 03 - UIL Contest @ BHS - Varsity bands (HB) TIME TBA.

    April 25 – Beginner Instrument Fitting Day at Boswell HS. (All Day)


    May 2020

    May 07 - Spring Concert at BOSWELL HS Auditorium.  Time: 6:00pm.  (ALL students are REQUIRED TO ATTEND - major grade)!  Students need to plan to get their own instrument (regardless of size) to the Boswell Auditorium on their own!!!

    May 16 – Percussion Solo Contest at Boswell HS. Individual times TBD.

    May 23  – Boswell, Wayside, Creekview Percussion Bash – Boswell HS.  All Percussion members will practice and perform on this date. Times - TBA

    May 26 – All school-owned instruments due.