• entire choir on stage singing at Bass Hall

    Choir registration will open in August, 2021.


    The Eagle Singers is the school choir at EME.  We are comprised of students in grades 4 & 5 who love to sing and make music.  Students will work together as a team and will take pride in their performance group.  Students will work at a higher musical level and will work on vocal technique, while gaining confidence in themselves.  Members must pass all of their classes, have a positive attitude, and maintain an "E" or "S" in conduct in all classes.  Any student who does not meet these guidelines or misses more than (3) unexcused rehearsals will be removed from the group until the next school year.  All members will be held accountable for proper behavior during choir.  Three offenses will result in dismissal from the group (please see choir contract for more information).  Choir members will be required to participate in a winter competition/concert and spring festival concert.
    Choir is a yearlong commitment.

    Choir rehearsals will be before school starting at 7:05 AM. Members will be divided into two groups; group 1 will attend on Thursday and group 2 will attend on Friday.  Students are expected to attend every choir practice unless they are absent from school that day.   If you are ill and will miss school, you are excused from choir and should stay home and get well!  A note or email stating the nature of the absence BEFORE it occurs is appreciated.  Please try not to schedule early appointments that will cause your child to miss. Before the winter and spring festival, I will have some weeks when I will need to combine the groups to practice together.  These dates will be listed soon.


    If you would like to chaperone a field trip, please first become an EMS-ISD approved volunteer and then email me the trip you are able to help with.