• August Senior Class Meeting Notes

    Seniors apply for scholarships Jan 13-Feb 21 at www.emsef.org

    FAFSA COMPLETION January 12 at SHS 5-7pm


    September 2022

    * If your student was absence or HCTC during the class meeting on September 15th, they can pick up their graduation packet from Student Services in the office.

    * Josten's will be at SHS during all three lunches on September 21 to also take graduation orders. 


    Saginaw High Graduation

    Saturday, May 27, 2023

    Time: 6:00pm at Dickie's Arena, 1911 Montgomery St, Fort Worth, TX 76107


    Map of Dickie's Arena:

    Dickie's Arena Parking Map


    District and school leadership will meet later on in the year to assess and make future plans surrounding the event.  Please stay tuned for more details as they develop. 


    Dress Code for Graduates

    Graduation will remain a formal event. Our dress code expectations are below. As a reminder, no high heels are permitted as safety precaution.


    Photography and Video

    • Candid photos with graduates before or after the ceremony are not allowed per the Governor’s orders, which prohibit anyone from congregating inside or outside of school-sponsored ceremonies at any time.
    • A professional portrait will be made of each graduate holding his/her diploma and cover. The photography company, Glamourcraft Photography, will email parents with a photo proof and order form. All purchases will be handled directly with Glamourcraft.
    • Every graduate will receive a link to a free downloadable video of their graduation ceremony. Physical copies of the video will be available for purchase via a form emailed to parents and posted on the district website.



    Graduation Dress Code:


    Our female graduates are required to wear a dress (no strapless or backless) or dark dress pants and dark shoes under SHS red robe. Blue jeans are not acceptable for this formal ceremony.  Block heels, wedges and flats are all recommended. No flip-flops, slippers, or sneakers will be allowed.


    Our male graduates are required to wear black or very dark slacks with dark shoes/dark dress boots under SHS red robe. Long sleeve dress shirts with ties are traditionally worn. Blue jeans are not acceptable or this formal ceremony.

    All shoes must be dark in color (Navy, black, brown.) No flip-flops, slippers or sneakers.


    Please note, there is a check-in process at graduation for dress code to assure that these guidelines are followed.



    Hello SHS Seniors and Families,

    We're excited to share the game plan for ordering your graduation essentials in the attached video clip. Also, please be sure to visit the Jostens.com link below this message to gain additional information and to place your order online if you prefer.  We will be at SHS during all three lunches on September 21 for graduation orders. This is your best opportunity to place your order for the critical items like Caps and Gowns as well as the Official SHS Graduation Announcements and a wide array of other fun memorabilia to help you celebrate your senior status.  Congratulations!



    Your Jostens Team is here to help.

    Call or Text (940) 382-8948 

    Or Email us at Ray.Office@Jostens.com 

    @JostensJRay on Social Media