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                   ATHLETIC DIRECTOR:

                                                 BRENT BARKER  817-232-0880 EXT. 2775



                                          STEVE GRIFFIN   817-232-0880 EXT. 2765  









    Gain an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the contest.  The necessity to be well informed is essential. Know the rules. If you are uninformed, refrain from expressing opinions on officials, coaches, or administrative decisions. The spirit of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP depends on conformance to a rule’s intent as well as to the letter of a given rule.


    Exercise representative behavior at all times. A prerequisite to GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP requires one to understand his/her prejudices that may become a factor in his/her behavior.  The true value of interscholastic competition relies upon everyone exhibiting behavior which is representative of a sound value base. A proper perspective must be maintained if the educational values are to be realized. Your behavior influences others whether you are aware of it or not.


    Recognize and appreciate skilled performances regardless of affiliation.  Applause for an opponent’s good performance displays generosity and is a courtesy that should be regularly practiced.  This not only represents GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP but reflects a true awareness of the game by recognizing and acknowledging quality.


    Exhibit respect for the officials. The officials of any contest are impartial arbitrators who are trained and who perform to the best of their ability.  Mistakes by all involved in the contest are a part of the game. We should not rationalize our own poor or unsuccessful performance or behavior by placing responsibility on an official.  The rule of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is to accept and abide by the decision made. This value is critical for students to learn for later application in life.


    Display openly a respect for the opponent at all times. Opponents are guests and should be treated cordially, provided with the best accommodations, and accorded tolerance at all times. Be a positive representative for your school, team, or family.


    Display pride in your actions at every opportunity.  Never allow your ego to interfere with good judgment and your responsibility as a school representative. Regardless of whether you are an adult, student, athlete, coach, or official, this value is paramount since it suggests that you  care about yourself and how others perceive you.












    What benefit will a player derive from participation in athletics? PHYSICAL WELL BEING

    The nation is becoming more conscious of the inadequacy of our youth in physical fitness. Through athletics, a foundation is built that can correct this situation.



    Someway, somehow students will find a way to release their physical energy. Athletics offer a wholesome medium for this purpose.



    Through guidance, players can learn to accept recognition in a proper manner. They learn that the praises they receive are not due to their effort alone.



    Players working together for a common cause learn to accept victory or defeat in a mature manner. Team members soon learn how to understand each other and to make adjustments for the good of the team.



    “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” The athlete learns to get going, by tackling the task at hand. Emotional blow-ups only hamper him.



    We hear the cry that young people need to learn discipline. Athletics teach self-discipline, vital to a successful adult life.



    Athletes learn to stay with the job and not give up until the contest is over.



    The accomplished businessman can attribute much of his success to this factor. Athletes learn it early in their career and use this ability the rest of their lives.



    Being faithful to a team, a group, a cause, is an important lesson of athletics. A person will not fail himself when he has learned the lesson of being true to others.



    Taking part in athletics is one of the most important parts of our educational system. There is no other course in our schools today, which can offer all the above benefits.
















    District Mission Statement:

    The Mission of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District is to foster a culture of excellence that instills a passion for a lifetime of continuous achievement in every student.







    Athletic Department Mission Statement:

    EMS ISD athletics inspires champions today and prepares student leaders for their future by fostering an environment of excellence to enable student-athletes to achieve their highest academic, athletic and personal aspirations.












    Middle School Sport General Information





    • Day of Meets: Wednesdays/Saturdays
    • Practice Times: M-F 6am
    • Admission: None
    • Uniforms: Supplied by the school
    • Transportation: Students will be transported to & from competitions





    • Day of Games: Thursdays/Two Weekend Tournaments
    • Practice Times: 7th before school & 8th after school
    • Game Times: ‘C” 5pm, ‘B’ 6pm & ‘A’ 7pm
    • Admission: Adults $4 Students $2
    • Uniforms: Supplied by the school
    • Transportation: Students will be transported to & from competitions






    • Day of Games: Tuesdays
    • Practice Times: 7th before school & 8th after school
    • Game Times: ‘C’  5, ‘B’  6 & ‘A’  7pm
    • C Team game times vs EMS schools: 4:30pm
    • Admission: Adults $4 Students $2
    • Uniforms: Supplied by the school
    • Transportation: Students will be transported to & from competitions







    • Day of Games: Boys-Tuesdays/ Girls-Thursdays/Two Weekend Tournaments
    • Practice Times: 7th before school & 8th after school
    • Game Times: ‘C’ 5pm, ‘B’ 6pm & ‘A’ 7pm
    • Admission: Adults $4   Students $2
    • Uniforms: Supplied by the school
    • Transportation: Students will be transported to & from competitions












    Middle School Sport General Information (Cont.)





    • Day of Meets: Tues, Wednesdays, Thursdays
    • Practice Times: After school
    • Meet Times: 4:15
    • Admission: Adults $4  Students $2
    • Uniforms: Supplied by the school
    • Transportation: Students will be transported to & from competitions




    • Day of Matches: Weekdays  & Two Weekend Tournaments
    • Practice Times: After school
    • Match Times: 4:15
    • Admission: None
    • Uniforms: Supplied by the school
    • Transportation: Students will be transported to & from competitions
    • Some matches played at High School Campuses




    • Day of Games: Weekdays/Two Weekend Tournaments
    • Practice Times: ‘A’ before school & ‘B’ after school
    • Game Times: ‘B’ 5:30pm  & ‘A’ 6:45pm
    • Admission: Adult $4   Student $2
    • Uniforms: Supplied by the school
    • Transportation: Students will be transported to & from competitions


    Golf and Gymnastics

    Practices before and after school determined by Feeder Campus

    3-5 Intra-District Competitions

    Transportation to practice by parent

    Transportation back to campus by district

    Skills tryout required prior to admittance into program






      Please visit your schools website for their up to date information regarding practice times, game times, dates and locations.

    Just visit www.emsisd.com and find your schools name in the drop bar then click on their athletics page.
















    This document is meant to facilitate the understanding of the policy or parent/athlete/coach communication for EMS ISD Middle School Athletics.  Your athlete’s Coach should present clear communication about your child’s participation in his/her sport(s).  In return, we ask that you follow the guidelines set forth in this policy.




    1. Expectations the coach has for your child as well as all the players on the squad
    2. Locations and times of all practices and contests
    3. Team requirements for participants (practices, code of conduct, special equipment, conditioning, etc.)
    4. Conduct that may result in the denial of your child’s participation




    1. Concerns expressed directly to the coach
    2. Notification, by note, of any schedule conflicts well in advance
    3. Notification, by telephone, if your child won’t be attending school


    Sports at all EMS ISD Middle Schools will be very rewarding to your child.  There may be times, however, when you have concerns about the way a situation is being handled.  At these times, discussion with the coach is strongly encouraged.





    1. The treatment of your child
    2. Ways to help your child improve
    3. The behavior of your child


    Coaches are professionals and make decisions based on the philosophy of the program and the situations that arise during game time.  The goal of the coaches’ decisions is to benefit the team as a whole, rather than a handful of individuals. The following circumstances should not be discussed with any coach:





    1. Playing time
    2. Team strategy
    3. Other student-athletes


    If you feel that a conference needs to be set up to discuss a concern, the following steps should be followed to help promote a peaceful and timely resolution.


    1. Encourage your child to speak directly with the coach as this will often times take care of the problem.
    2. Call the coach to set up an appointment.
    3. If the coach cannot be reached, contact the head coach of that sport.
    4. Please do not confront a coach after a practice or a game.
    5. If the meeting with the coach does not resolve the problem to your satisfaction, contact the appropriate Athletic Coordinator of your school.
    6. If the meeting with the Campus Coordinator does not resolve the problem to your satisfaction, contact your feeder High Schools Athletic Coordinator.
    7. If still unsatisfied, contact the EMS ISD Assistant Athletic Director, Steve Griffin at 817-232-0880.
    8. Final step would be to contact your campus Principal.








    Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Middle School Athletic Program/UIL Participation




    Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD offers participation in the following sports programs under the auspices of the University Interscholastic League-Austin, Texas:



    Middle School (Grades 7-8)


    CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING                                       BASKETBALL

    FOOTBALL                                                                   TRACK & FIELD

    VOLLEYBALL                                                               SOCCER

    TENNIS                                                                         GYMNASTICS




    Student Participation


    The goal of the athletic program is to offer the opportunity of participation to all students.  Interscholastic athletics fosters competition and cooperation.  It also represents an area of great potential for teaching dedication, perseverance, courage, poise and practicing the pursuit of excellence.  However, no student is obligated to take part in athletics.  Coaching staffs have the authority to suspend or revoke the participation of an athlete when rules, regulations, or standards of the athletic program are not followed.



    Selection of Teams


    The head coach of each sport will determine the players on each team.  The selection of team will include, but is not limited to:  skill level, knowledge of sport, attitude, and experience in the sport.  Middle school team members will receive adequate playing time based upon performance and meeting expectations.



    Select/Club Sports


    In the case of a non-school related athletic event conflicting with a school related athletic event, priority will be given to the school athletic event. Please communicate prior to the season regarding club participation.  Missing a school related athletic practice or game for a non-school athletic activity is unacceptable and could result in reduced participation in the following athletic contest.














    Athletic Suspension


    The Athletic Coordinator may suspend or place on probation for the duration of the term, duration of the seasonal activity, or the duration of the school year any student-athlete for a major infraction of the standards set forth in this athletic handbook.


    The Athletic Coordinator empowers the coaching staff to enforce and maintain all policies and standards described in the Athletic Handbook.  Communication will be maintained between the coaching staff, the Athletic Coordinator, and the campus Principal when infractions warrant suspension from athletic activities.





    Student-Athletes are expected to be dressed and on time for all practices and competitions and remain for the duration of the practice or competition.  It is the student athlete’s responsibility to notify the coach if he/she must miss a practice or competition.  By becoming a member of the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Middle School Athletic Program, you are making a commitment to the program.  *An unexcused absence from a game may result in suspension or loss of playing time in the next scheduled game.


    As with any other activity, please be aware that excessive tardiness or absences will result in a loss of practice/instructional time.  This loss of time could subject the student athlete to loss of playing time or even dismissal from the team.  Sport-specific drills and conditioning may be required for any tardy or absence at the discretion of the Athletic Coordinator.


    Classroom Behavior


    Student-Athletes must maintain a satisfactory citizenship and behavior record by giving respectful attention to classroom activities and by treating teachers, administrators, and fellow students with respect.  Tardiness, horseplay, fighting, disrespect, juvenile behavior, etc…. are not acceptable.



    Responsibilities of an EMS ISD Middle School Student Athlete


    All student-athletes have the responsibility to play to win, give their best effort, strive for excellence, and exhibit good conduct at all times in a manner that is a positive example to team members, fellow students, and the community.  The fact that an individual has chosen to participate in interscholastic athletics is indicative that the student has taken into consideration the rewards, and pleasures attained from participation, in addition to the responsibility of following rules, regulations, and meeting the demands of being a student-athlete.  Representing the EM-S ISD Middle School Athletic Program coincides with the expectations of the campus principal, coaches, teachers, parents, community, and most of all, by fellow teammates and classmates.  As student-athletes, you are always on display.

    The responsibilities of a student-athlete include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • The student-athlete will strive for excellence in all activities at all times while being a member of the EM-S ISD Middle School Athletic Program.
    • The student-athlete will faithfully abide by all rules set forth in the athletic handbook.
    • The student-athlete will abide by the practice schedules and complete workouts each day.
    • The student-athlete will personally notify his/her coach when unable to attend practice and will miss practices only under extreme circumstances.
    • The student-athlete will abide by the coaches directions, instructions, and decisions.
    • The student-athlete will be responsible for the proper care of all issued clothing and/or equipment. The student-athlete will be required to pay for any clothing and/or equipment that is lost, damaged or destroyed.  Issued clothing should not be worn outside of athletic participation (practice/competition).
    • Most importantly, the student-athlete will represent Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD to the best of his/her ability to set an example to the community of the values and expectations promoted within the school district.


    Student-Athletes will be expected to:


    • Respect coaches, teammates, teachers, staff, administrators and classmates.
    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • Refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct of any manner.
    • Comply with Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Board Policies, the District code of conduct, and discipline management plan.

    The EMS ISD Middle School Athletic Program is an integral part of the total school experience for both boys and girls.  It offers a variety of sports and activities to students who have the desire to participate.  The athletic program is a vital part of education.  The rules, regulations, and standards set forth in this handbook are designed to provide for the efficient operation of such a program.  The student-athlete will be held accountable and responsible for all policies contained within this handbook and for any additional expectations set forth by the campuses.



    Dress Code


    All Athletes will be required to follow the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Board approved dress code found in the student handbook.  In accordance with UIL rules and regulations, for safety reasons, student athletes are not allowed to wear jewelry of any kind during athletic competition.  Student athletes will also be required to maintain a hairstyle suitable for athletic competition.  Suitable may be defined as (1) not impairing vision (2) suitable in length as to not create a safety hazard (3) not promoting disunity (shaved insignias, symbols, alternative colors).



    Dropping/Quitting a Sport


    It is the philosophy of the EMS ISD Athletic Department that student-athletes should finish what they begin.  An athlete may not quit one sport to play another sport.  The following procedures should be followed in order to drop/quit a sport:

    • Examine the situation before a decision is made.
    • Talk to the coach to see if a solution can be reached. (A parent conference may be required)

    If the decision to quit is made by a student-athlete, the student must check out of the sport through the Athletic Coordinator.

    • All clothing/equipment issued to the student-athlete must be returned in the same shape as it was when it was issued to the athlete. Payment for any lost or damaged clothing and equipment will be required.  This matter must be resolved before a student-athlete begins participating in his/her next sport. 
    • A student-athlete that decides to quit one sport to join another must wait until the first sport has completed its season before they are allowed to participate in competition, unless released by the Athletic Coordinator of the campus. The student-athlete may practice with the team only during the Athletic period.

    Failure to participate in the mandatory off-season program may also constitute dismissal from the athletic program.

    Coaches in conjunction with the Athletic Coordinator/Asst. Athletic Director, reserve the right to prohibit any athlete from joining a team or sport if that athlete has routinely failed to complete seasons in other sports that they have started, whether due to conduct, attitude, or poor academic performance.  Routinely quitting sports may result in dismissal from the athletic program.



    Drug and Alcohol Use


    It is the philosophy of EMS ISD Athletics that our interscholastic and extracurricular programs shall be drug and alcohol free. The basis for this is founded upon and by the following:

    1. Use of drugs and alcohol is illegal for school age students.
    2. Abuse of these products has been shown to create short and long term health and safety risks.
    3. Students using these products may not be capable of fulfilling commitments and responsibilities toward themselves, teammates, and school.
    4. Use of these products can diminish the student’s mental and/or physical performance.
    5. Student-athletes should be positive role models who demonstrate pride and honor to their school, community, and family.
    6. Student-athletes will be held responsible and accountable for their behavior and choices they make.

    Education regarding drug, alcohol, and steroid abuse may be provided throughout the course of a student-athlete’s involvement in the athletic program by members of the coaching staff. The NCAA, UIL, and National Federation of High Schools publish and distribute to coaching staffs information regarding the dangers of substance abuse.




    The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD coaches and administration shall determine each student’s eligibility according to UIL rules and regulations as specified in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules. EMS ISD strictly adheres to these rules and regulations. UIL, the State Board of Education, and the Texas Education Agency rules are strictly enforced. In addition, EMS ISD expects student-athletes to be top academic students. Each student-athlete must realize that he/she is a “student” first and an “athlete” second. The student-athlete must give sufficient time and energy to his/her academic courses to insure acceptable grades to meet the UIL requirements for participation. Student-athletes that do not maintain passing grades or who are missing assignments may be subject to suspension from athletic competition at any time. Coaches may check student-athlete averages at any time within a grading period. Student-athletes will be required to attend tutorials if theirProgress report shows a 75 or below in any subject.




    Student-athletes are expected to take care of all facilities and equipment at all times.

    Normal wear and tear is expected, misuse and vandalism is not.




    Game Conduct/Sportsmanship/Practice Conduct


    The EMS ISD Athletic Program stresses exemplary behavior and attitude during practice and competitions. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Student-athletes should be positive role models for students and the community. Student-athletes will be respectful to other contestants, fans, and to all coaches and officials. Technical fouls, penalties for unsportsmanlike or flagrant conduct, and ejections will be reviewed, and further disciplinary action may be assessed. Conditioning and exercises that build strength, stamina and endurance may be assigned for conduct that is not consistent with team rules.


    ISS/AEP/Code of Conduct


    Refer to the Student Handbook


    Necessary Documentation


    Prior to participation, a student-athlete must have the following on file:

    • Pre-Participation Medical History and Examination form (UIL form only)

                Online Sports Participation Packet  Completed

    • Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Athletic Handbook acknowledgement form
    • Emergency Contact Information Form



    Off Season Program


    The purpose of the off-season program is to improve the athletic program by enhancing each student-athlete’s abilities. Drills and activities to improve speed, strength, and agility will be utilized. It is mandatory for all student-athletes to participate in the offseason program if they wish to participate in athletics.



    Participation when ill or injured


    Any student-athlete that is injured during the course of the season or has an illness of a minor nature and is unable to participate due to this injury or illness must continue to follow all expectations, rules, and regulations, if the student-athlete wishes to remain a part of the team. The student-athlete will not participate but will be required to attend all practice sessions and sit with the team during competitions. Failure to attend practices and competitions can result in dismissal from the team. Athletes learn from each practice session, whether they are actually working out or simply observing.



    Personal Belongings


    Student-athletes should not leave personal items, especially jewelry or money, in areas unsupervised. Please do not bring to school items that are unnecessary for participation in athletics. The Athletic department does have locks on all student-athlete lockers.   EMS ISD and the Athletic Department are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    Team Travel


    All regular school transportation rules and regulations apply when on an athletic trip. All student-athletes are expected to ride the transportation provided by EMS ISD to all competitions. The approval of the head coach must be obtained for a student-athlete to return home with his/her parent/guardian.



    Uniforms for practice


    Student-athletes will purchase a set of practice clothes that may include but not limited to shirt, shorts, sweats, or wind-suits. These clothes will be worn during participation in athletic practice or competition only. At the end of the season/year, the issued clothes will be returned. Student-athletes will pay a replacement fee for all clothing or equipment not returned at the end of the year. Student-athletes will not be allowed to participate at the next grade level until outstanding fines are paid in full. Consequences for not being dressed out in proper practice attire will be at the discretion of the head coach.


    Thank you for taking the time to review the policies of the EMS ISD Athletic Department. Please contact the Athletic Coordinator or any member of the coaching staff with additional questions or concerns regarding the contents within the Athletic Handbook. Please sign the acknowledgement form attached below and return it to a member of the coaching staff.

    EMSISD Athletic Department


    Heat Policy for Outdoor Practices/Activities

    High temperatures can present a dangerous situation for student-athletes and coaches, but with reasonable precautions those situations can be mitigated. The EMSISD athletic department under the direction of the Athletic Director has adopted the following policies with regards to outdoor and non-air conditioned indoor activities. The athletic trainers at each high school can be consulted for the official temperature and the proper course of action for each day. Whenever possible, the head coach of any middle school or high school sport and athletic trainer should consult with each other as early as possible during an individual day in order for all concerned parties to be notified of possible changes to practice schedules/activities appropriately.


                It is not possible to prevent all heat related illnesses in all athletes. Athletes have died from heat illness in 80 degree temperatures. The following policies are the minimum standard for all outdoor and non-air conditioned indoor activities within the EMSISD athletic realm. The use of more stringent policies is up to each individual head coach. Outdoor sports include but are not limited to: Football, Cross Country, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis, and Track.

    Campus training staff and head coaches work closely with one another prior to each practice to discuss specific conditions and planned activities for practice.


    When temperatures reach 96-99 degrees or heat index rises to 104 degrees.


    All Outdoor Sports-     Practices will include a 5 minute break every 30 minutes of practice in shade if possible. Practice is not to exceed 2 hours total outdoor time. Water should be available at all times during practice.


    Football-                      Helmets off during breaks


    Cross Country-           Runners should run a course where all athletes can be viewed by a coach at all times, preferably on campus.


    When temperatures reach 100-103 degrees or heat index is between 105-109 degrees.


    All Outdoor Sports-     Grass fields preferred. Practices will include a 5 minute break every 30 minutes of practice in shade if possible. Practice is not to exceed 2 hours total outdoor time. Water should be available at all times during practice.


    Football-                      Shorts and shoulder pads for practice. Helmets and shoulder pads off during breaks.


    Cross Country-           Runners should run a course where all athletes can be viewed by a coach at all times, preferably on campus.


    When the temperature is above 103 up to 105 degrees or heat index is between 110-118 degrees.


    Middle School Athletics-

                                        ALL outdoor practices should be cancelled or postponed.


    High School

    All Outdoor Sports-     Practice off of turf fields. Practices will include a 5 minute break every 15 minutes of practice in shade if possible. Practice is not to exceed 1.5 hours total outdoor time. Water should be available at all times during practice.


    Football-                      Practices will be in t-shirts and shorts with helmet. Helmets off during breaks


    Cross Country-           Runners should run a course where all athletes can be viewed by a coach at all times, preferably on campus.


    When the temperature reaches 106 degrees or the heat index is over 119 degrees.





    Cold Policy for Outdoor Practices/Activities


    Due to the risk of hypothermia and frostbite during cold weather extremes, the following policy has been developed to protect EMS ISD athletes, coaches, game workers, and fans.  2:00pm was chosen to provide ample time to contact all appropriate people to adjust plans for practices and games, and in most cases the temperature will not increase significantly after this time of day.  In order to maintain consistency, all temperatures will be taken from the weather channel website using the zip code of the campus in question.


    If the temperature is equal to or below 32 degrees F at 2:00pm or during the time of an activity prior to 2:00pm as in the case of many earlier practices or tournament events, all outdoor practices and sub-varsity games will be cancelled or moved indoors. Coaches will communicate with students and parents through their normal communication system for their program.


    If there is a case where the above is not true, but the wind chill is equal to or below 20 degrees Fahrenheit then this will meet the same requirements as a 32 degree Fahrenheit temperature reading.


    As a general rule, anytime the temperature falls below 50 degrees it is strongly suggested that athletes and coaches wear appropriate clothing to protect themselves from the wind and temperatures whenever possible.  This may include sweats, wind suits, and or under armor type gear.




    Lightening/Severe Weather


      EMS ISD has a weather system that helps us in determining cancellations due to lightening/severe weather.  Procedures are in place for all campuses in the event of lightening/severe weather.























    Students in “Good Standing”

    Students participating in any athletic program will be monitored for academics, behavior, and attendance.  Any negative drops in behavior, academics, or attendance during the year may result in disciplinary athletic consequences and/or possible removal from the program.  We expect this contract to help student/athletes move forward positively, academically, behaviorally, and athletically.

    The Four Components of Good Standing


    Academics                        Attendance                          Behavior                       Sportsmanship


    1.) Academics

    Being a Student/Athlete will always be the primary focus.

    • Completing homework is non-negotiable. All homework is to be Multiple incomplete grades or “zeroes” can result in a student being not in good standing.
    • Interim reports and other progress reports may be obtained from
    • Unsatisfactory academic progress may cause a student to be not in good standing.


    2.) Attendance

    “When you miss school, you miss out!”

    • You must be present in school the day of practice, meets, and games in order to
    • Being sent to ISS for being tardy can result in a student being not in good standing.
    • Multiple unexcused absences can result in a student being not in good standing.


    3.) Behavior

    Exemplary behavior is expected from all students that represent our school both on and off the court or athletic field.

    • ISS and OSS for referrals written will result in the player being not in good standing for the duration of the ISS or OSS This goes for bus referrals as well. Students will not participate in practice, games, or meets when not in good standing.
    • Teams stay together while at games or There is to be no traveling around a home team’s school while waiting for the start of a game. Stay together as a team during away games.
    • Conduct detrimental to the team culture or program, including but not limited to violations to the student code of conduct including social media will result in the student being not in good standing.


    4.) Sportsmanship

    All Athletes will exhibit appropriate sportsmanship in all games and practices. Poor sportsmanship includes the following:

    • Arguing with coaches, referees, or officials
    • Being ejected from a game or meet
    • Receiving technical fouls for behavior on the court/during a game
    • Taunting, belittling, “showboating” or “trash-talking” opposing players
    • Communicating with spectators
    • Any conduct that is detrimental to the team or to Middle

    Students who are in violation of good sportsmanship will be not in good standing for the following week. Reduced playing time may be a choice made by coaches when an athlete is not in good standing.




    Student Signature                                              Date





                               Parent Signature                                                 Date








    I understand the policies and procedures of the EMS ISD Athletic Department, I am also aware of the consequences for violating said policies. If at any time I have questions regarding the handbook, I will address these questions to the Head Coach/Athletic Director/Coordinator. I understand that the Athletic Director/Coordinator and coaching staff will enforce these policies, procedures, and consequences.




    ___________________________________ ________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature                                Date





    I understand the policies and procedures of the EMS ISD Athletic Department, I am also aware of the consequences for violating said policies. If at any time I have questions regarding the handbook, I will address these questions to the Head Coach or Athletic Director/Coordinator. I understand that the Athletic Director/Coordinator and coaching staff will enforce these policies, procedures, and consequences.




    __________________________________ ________________________

    Student-Athlete Signature                   Date






    Campuses may have additional requirements regarding participation in their athletic program.




    UIL Behavior Expectations of Spectators



    Remember that you are at the contest to support and yell for your team, and to enjoy the skill and competition not to intimidate or ridicule the other team or its fans.


    Remember that school athletics are a learning experience for students and that mistakes are sometimes made.  Praise student-athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes, and as people, just as you would praise a student working in the classroom.


    A ticket is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally assault others or be generally obnoxious.


    Learn the rules of the game, so that you may understand and appreciate why certain situations take place.


    Use only cheers that support and uplift the teams involved.


    Be a positive role model at events through your own actions and by censuring those around you whose behavior is unbecoming.


    Parents and spectators should be aware that the school can (and should) remove them from the premises and can prohibit them from attending future contests due to undesirable behaviors.


    Game officials can ask that school administrators have unruly fans removed from a contest facility.


    There is no such thing as a “right” to attend interscholastic athletics.  Interscholastic athletics are considered a “privilege” and the spectator who avails themselves of it is expected to conduct himself or herself accordingly.


    Keep in mind that you are a guest of the school, and that while winning is certainly an admirable goal; it is hollow if it comes at the expense of morals, ethics, and just plain common sense.


    The school is responsible for the behavior of their spectators.  The school district can be and will be punished for actions of patrons in violation of UIL standards and rules.



    REVISED 5/7/2018