• What is Community Service? And What is Not?

    Community Service is…

    • Volunteering your time for a non-profit enterprise.  You must not be paid in any form, although you may accept a meal or a snack while volunteering.  If you are given a volunteer tee shirt, you may keep it.
    • Time spent at Gold Standard meetings.
    • Time spent volunteering for other non-profit organizations - but not time spent at meetings for those organizations.

    Special note:  We don’t want our Members to be obligated in any way to purchase items for donation.  Gold Standard is all about giving your time, not money.  Occasionally, projects might require “minimal” spending on supplies, but keep this to a minimum.

    Students are encouraged to combine their personal skills and interest with their service. 

    Consider making a more substantial commitment to at least one organization rather than a series of one-time events. Examples of these commitments include facilitating a reading group at a library, volunteering at a botanical garden, leading activities for elderly residents at a nursing home or hospital, and serving meals at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

    At School:

    Special note: You may not receive credit for working for an organization of which you are a member. Ex – Working in the concession stand for band if you are a band member or selling items for AVID if you are an AVID member.

    • Helping paint or build sets, set up chairs, etc. for a school play counts during non-school time
      • But performing in the play does not count
    • Helping a teacher set up their classroom for the year during non-school time counts
      • But helping the teacher during class does not count
    • Tutoring another student during non-class time counts 
      • But tutoring a sibling or relative does not count
    • Performing outside the school day with your school’s cheer/pep/dance/band/choir for senior citizens and/or disadvantaged groups count
      • But regular performances and rehearsals do not count

    For Sports:

    Special note: You may not receive credit for working for an organization of which you are a member. Ex – Working for the CTHS soccer youth camp when you are a member of the soccer team.

    • Refereeing or coaching, and training/setup as a sports volunteer for a non-profit or school counts
      • But practicing, playing, and fundraising for a sport does not count

    For Performing:

    • Performing at a charity event, or for a disadvantaged group (disabled, senior citizens home) counts
      • But practicing/rehearsals for that performance or performances at school does not count

    At Home:

    • Helping a neighbor who is elderly or handicapped with household chores counts
      • But helping anyone in your family or an able-bodied friend or neighbor with a chore does not count

    At Places of Worship:

    Special note: You may not receive credit for working for an organization of which you are a member.

    • Helping plant a garden, hand out programs outside of a building, or babysitting while parents attend the service counts 
    • Singing/playing an instrument in the service if you are not a member counts
    • Community service during school breaks or vacations count
      • But sleeping and eating time does not count
    • Vacation bible camp volunteering counts
      • But teaching, preaching, and/or service within the place of worship does not count 

    In the Community:

    • Helping at voter registration or a polling place counts
      • But helping a candidate or a cause does not count
    • Volunteering to help set up, organize, hand out pamphlets, hand out water, etc. for non-profit organizations counts
      • But the actual fundraising as a separate effort does not count 
    • Collecting money at the Little League snack shack or collecting money for raffle tickets at a fundraising event counts unless you are a member of the organization
      • But selling raffle tickets on your own, as a separate effort, does not count
    • Members assisting a disadvantaged person with a chore (cleaning out their garage, gardening, repairing their home, etc.) counts
      • But helping a family member or any able-bodied person with a chore does not count
    • Volunteering at a non-profit hospital or at a non-profit animal shelter counts
      • But working at a doctor or veterinarian’s office does not count 

    Community Service is not…

    • Hosting a foreign exchange student or family
    • Team-building activities
    • Helping family members
    • Adopt a Family at the holidays or gift buying for the holidays
    • Babysitting
    • Working for free at a business

    Final approval of all service hours will be determined by the sponsors. Students are encouraged to consult with the sponsors if they have specific questions about a community service activity before participating.