• Program Areas

    • Practicum in Transportation Systems (Automotive)
    • Practicum in Information Technology
    • Practicum in Education 1 & 2
    • Practicum in Culinary Arts
    • Practicum in Manufacturing
    • Practicum in Agriculture: Veterinary Medicine

    Partnership Benefits: Employers

    • Save time and money by investing in local talent
    • Recruit future employees
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Become a "preferred employer"
    • Improve skill level of employees

    Partnership Benefits: Students

    • Explore careers/industries/businesses
    • Learn about employer expectations
    • Strengthen academic skills
    • Make connections for the future
    • Apply knowledge and skill in real-world environments

    How to Become an Employer Partner

    • Complete the online volunteer form
    • Meet with Practicum Specialist
    • Tour our facility
    • Participate in the placement process for practicum students