• FAQs



  • What's the best internet browser to use?

  • What free technology resources are available to my child and family?

  • What's the best way to access online applications available to students and staff?

  • How do students log in to their email? Canvas?

  • Who can we contact if we have technology issues?

  • What are some tips on staying safe on the internet at this time?

District Communication

  • Is EMS ISD closing due to coronavirus concerns?

  • What will communication from the district and campuses look like in the coming weeks?

  • What is expected of district staff at this time?

  • How can I make sure I am receiving all district communication to families?

Dozier Elementary staff

Student Nutrition

  • Will meals be available for students who need them?


  • Are there any virtual health resources available to families?

  • Can I get a VOE form from my high school?

  • How can I get my child's medication from the campus if I need it during the extended closure? 


  • Will students be able to attend Camp Goddard?

  • Will my child be able to attend prom or graduation?


  • How will the AP tests be administered?

  • My student registered for the March 14 Makeup (March 28) or May 2 SAT. Will I receive a refund?

  • What impact will the STAAR cancellation have on my student?

  • What decisions have been made regarding course credit, STAAR exams, accountability exams, and attendance?

  • Will the upcoming ACT be rescheduled/refunded?


  • Will my child get a citizenship grade? 

  • Will my child still receive a report card? Grades?

  • What technology resources will be available to students and families?

  • What if my child does not have access to an electronic device for online learning? What if technology malfunctions?

  • How will my child continue learning at home?