• Updated October 18, 2023 at 8:15 AM

    Graduation is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, 2024, at Dickies' Arena, at 6:00 PM. Graduates are expected to arrive an hour and a half prior to the start of the event, and guests will be allowed to enter the arena one hour prior to the start of the ceremony.  Graduation is not a ticketed event at this time and you can invite all the guests you want.  More information on graduation practice will come later in the year. 

    Parking For Graduation

    • Parking will be in the Yellow Lot off of Trail Drive on the east side of the arena, and is $20 per car.  We recommend carpooling to save on the cost. 
    • Address - 3464 Trail Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76107
    • Ride Share
    • Guests who are using ride share services should be dropped off at the west entrance of the arena, in the drop off lane at Dickies Way. Guests can be picked up for ride share on Harley Avenue, which is located on the north end of the building.
    • Driving Directions
      • From East Fort Worth and Dallas:Take I-30 West toward Fort Worth. Exit on to the Chisholm Trail Parkway and take the University Street exit, which is free. Turn right onto University Street, and then turn left at Trail Drive to access the Yellow Lots.
      • From West Fort Worth:Take I-30 East toward Fort Worth. Take exit 12 toward University Street and go North on University. Turn left onto Trail Drive to access the Yellow Lots.

    Dickies Standards

    • Noise makers, large signs, balloons, or anything that will block the view of others will not be permitted in the facility
    • Bags and purses must be 12x12x16

    Dress Code for Graduates

    Graduation will remain a formal event. Our dress code expectations are below.  If you have a hardship or need assistance with meeting the dress code, please contact Campus Principal, Nika Davis, at ndavis@ems-isd.net

    Photography and Video

    • Cady Photography Studios will be at the ceremony to take pictures of graduates, and they will be made available for purchase. 
    • The ceremony will be video recorded, and parents and graduates will be able to purchase their own copy if they choose.
    • Graduation Video Order Form

    Graduation Dress Code:

    For graduates wanting to wear a dress, the dress is not permitted to be strapless or backless.   Dark dress pants and neutral colored shoes under BHS blue robe are also permitted. Blue jeans and shorts are not acceptable for this formal ceremony.  Block heels, wedges and flats, dark shoes/dark dress boots are all recommended. No flip-flops, slippers, or sneakers will be allowed.

    Please note, there is a check-in process at graduation for dress code to assure that these guidelines are followed.  Students are to arrive at graduation with their gown draped over their arm and cap in hand.  Cell phones will also be checked and bagged in the staging area, as will bags and purses.  Please leave these items with a parent or guardian to speed up the check-in process.

  • Cap Decorations

    In keeping with Administrative Regulation FMH, graduating seniors may decorate their caps provided that the following criteria are met:

    • Decorations added to the graduation cap must be limited to the top of the cap, lay flat, and must be one inch away from the edge.
    • All messages should be positive, of gratitude only, and follow FNAA (LOCAL).
    • Images of colleges, trades, or military branches are allowable within the limitations stated above.
    • Dedication to family, teachers, or friends is allowable within the limitations stated above.
    • Only caps meeting the guidelines will be allowed at graduation commencement.
    • Decorated caps may only be worn at commencement. Activities where regalia is worn prior to commencement must be worn with a nondecorated cap (class picture, elementary walks, individual/group senior pictures, etc.)
    • Caps that do not meet the requirements above will be replaced by a cap provided by campus administration.