Elementary Attendance Zones

  • 2020-2021 Elementary School Attendance Zone Adjustment
    (Board approved December 16, 2019)

    EMS ISD is preparing to open its 16th elementary school, Copper Creek Elementary, in August 2020. Opening Copper Creek will help alleviate enrollment at Comanche Springs and accommodate future neighborhoods in the Chisholm Ridge zone that have not yet been built. Under the approved plan, the following housing additions that will be rezoned to Copper Creek Elementary include Chisholm Ridge, Creekwood, Copper Creek, Liberty Crossing, Ridgeview Farms, and Quail Grove. Also included will be the small portions of Berkshire and Harmon Ranch that are zoned for Comanche Springs Elementary.

    Many factors are considered in attendance zone adjustments and community input is vital in this process. District leaders hosted a parent meeting on October 29, 2019, to discuss the proposed attendance zone changes effective for the 2020-2021 school year. During the meeting, details of the proposed plan were shared and individual questions were addressed. The presentation and questions/answers from the meeting are posted below. Additionally, a section dedicated to the 2020-2021 elementary school attendance zone modification has been created in our Let's Talk online communications system and we welcome your questions and feedback. Please submit your question anytime, from anywhere, using Let's Talk.

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  • Proposed Copper Creek Elementary School Attendance Zone Adjustment - Frequently Asked Questions

    The following are general questions and district responses regarding the proposed attendance zone adjustments for the district’s 16th elementary school, Copper Creek Elementary, which is scheduled to open in August 2020. Included are questions from parents and community from the parent meeting on October 29 and from questions submitted through Let’s Talk.

    District leaders will work to provide answers to all questions submitted, so please check back if you don’t see your specific question at this time. The questions are listed in random order.

    Q:  Why are we having to change attendance zones?

    A:  EMS ISD is considered a fast-growth district; in fact, we are currently listed as the 6th-fastest growing district in the DFW Metroplex. We have welcomed nearly 1,000 new students in the past year alone, and are within 10 students of surpassing 21,000 students enrolled. In the next 10 years, we are projected to add 3,000 elementary students, nearly 1,300 new middle school students, and more than 1,700 high school students. The addition of Copper Creek Elementary School is part of a long-term strategic plan to prepare for projected growth and work toward a pure feeder pattern system from kindergarten to graduation. The current attendance zones for middle schools and high schools will not be impacted by this elementary school adjustment.

    Q: Is it just the part of Chisholm Ridge zone that hasn’t been built yet that is going to be zoned for Copper Creek, or are other subdivisions going to be affected?

    A: The area in the Chisholm Ridge zone that is proposed to be rezoned to Copper Creek has not been developed. There currently are no houses and no families in the area proposed to be rezoned.

    Q: Has the Copper Creek principal been chosen?

    A: Yes. Read more about principal Amber Beene at this link: Veteran Leader Named Principal of Copper Creek Elementary.

    Q: If someone transferred into Comanche Springs originally, but is now in the Copper Creek attendance zone, is the transfer still honored? Do we need to reapply?

    A: It depends. If a student is on an approved transfer to Comanche Springs and their current address has not been impacted by the new CCES zoning changes, then their transfer will still be honored for Comanche Springs. However, if a student is on an approved transfer to Comanche Springs and their current address is impacted by the new CCES zoning changes, then they will need to reapply for a transfer during the next transfer request window. 

    Q: If my home is zoned for the new elementary school but I want to stay at Comanche Springs, when do I need to request the transfer? How much does it cost? Where do I get the paper forms?

    A: Transfer information will be posted on the District website in the spring and transfer request applications will be accessible online via Family Access when the transfer window dates are determined. It does not cost anything to request a transfer of your student; however, transportation is not provided for transfer students and not all schools are open to transfers due to enrollment and available space. All transfer requests must be submitted online via Family Access during the designated transfer window. A transfer request submitted outside of the designated transfer request window can only be submitted in the Student Services Office.  

    Q: If all these proposed subdivisions start attending Copper Creek, doesn’t that leave Bar C Ranch and Waters Bend attending Comanche Springs? It seems like this plan is transferring the congested enrollment to the new school.

    A: District planners work closely with an experienced demographer to forecast short- and long-term enrollment growth based on current and future housing developments. The demographer projects that within the next five years, both campuses will have a K-5 enrollment of about 600 students, which provides a balance between the two campuses.

    Q: What type of extra programs will be implemented at Copper Creek? (e.g. a 5th-grade science trip, a 4th-grade trip to the State Capitol, etc.)

    A: Copper Creek Elementary students will have the opportunity to participate in all programs that are standard on our EMS ISD elementary campuses. CCES students also will enjoy field trips and special educational experiences that support their learning.  The CCES principal and staff will work to coordinate engaging, relevant, and exciting programs and experiences for students. Specialized programs are placed on campuses based on need, available space, enrollment projections, and location.

    Q: Will Copper Creek have a bilingual program on campus?

    A: A bilingual program is not planned for Copper Creek. Students in our bilingual program are served at Gililland Elementary, Remington Point Elementary, and Willow Creek Elementary.

    Q: What is the process to request our 4th-grade student at Comanche Springs be able to finish 5th grade at the same school?

    A: To remain at Comanche Springs, parents would need to submit a transfer request to the EMS ISD Student Services department. Transfer information will be posted on the District website in the spring and transfer request applications will be accessible online via Family Access when the transfer window dates are determined.

    Q: Would the district consider adding to the website so a parent can see current schools for their address plus possible other schools when rezoning is being considered?

    A: The EMS ISD website includes a permanent link to the School Zone Finder software that identifies schools for which a specific address is zoned. In addition, maps of the EMS ISD attendance zones for all schools – elementary, middle, and high school – are available on the website. When school zone adjustments are approved by the EMS ISD Board of Education, additional search tools typically are provided online to help parents search which school they are zoned to attend.

    Q: Who exactly makes the rezoning attendance zone decisions for EMS ISD? Can you provide names and contact information?

    A: As a fast-growth district, attendance zones and student enrollment are monitored continually in an effort to balance enrollments with building capacities and plan for future projected growth. This process is led by EMS ISD’s Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Clete Welch, in coordination with the district’s third-party demographer, the Superintendent, and the district departments for Student Services, Human Resources, Financial Services, and Educational Services. Once a proposed plan is developed, it is presented to the community for input. Based on the research and community feedback, a recommendation is then made to the EMS ISD Board of Education for consideration of approval.

    Mr. Welch can be reached at cwelch@ems-isd.net or 817-306-0864. In addition, a dedicated area for elementary attendance zones has been created in the district’s online Let’s Talk! system and district leaders welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions on this proposed plan.

    Q: Does the School Board take into account the impact on property values?

    A: Yes, the school district is concerned about property values. The quality of our schools and our school district can have an impact on how an area is viewed and valued. We work intentionally to ensure our schools provide rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning for all students so as to remain a desirable district for current and new families.

    Property values also impact families’ decisions to move into our district. As a fast-growth district, we welcome and encourage new families to move to the area. This provides additional state funding for our schools and allows us to expand programs to meet the needs of our growing community. We anticipate that adding a new, modern, energy efficient elementary school in an area of high growth will have a positive impact on property values.

    Q: What is a pure feeder pattern system and why is that beneficial?

    A: A pure feeder pattern is when attendance zones follow an aligned feeder path from elementary to middle to high school. This eliminates the dilemma of “split schools” and allows students to continue through their school years with their friends. It also provides families with a clear path for their child’s education, helping them know in kindergarten which middle and high school they will attend. Operationally, pure feeders also provide for stronger alignment in instructional and extracurricular programs.

    Achieving a purely aligned feeder system is a long-term process that will not be achieved until we near build-out across the district, which includes the addition of the district’s fourth high school, Eagle Mountain High School, tentatively scheduled for an August 2024 opening. Attendance zones will not be adjusted simply to create a pure district feeder; zones are adjusted when new schools are built to accommodate growth and, when possible, we take those opportunities to move closer to the goal for purely aligned feeders. Our goal with rezoning is to impact as few families as possible.

    Q: Hasn’t this rezoning decision already been made by the district? Aren’t community meetings and feedback opportunities a formality?

    A: Absolutely not. District leaders are asking parents and staff for feedback to ensure we have considered all the potential impacts. We understand that attendance zone adjustments directly impact children and their families and that many of these situations are individual and specific. Community meetings and opportunities for feedback through Let’s Talk are a critical component of the decision-making process. All questions, comments, and concerned are being reviewed and evaluated before a final plan is brought to the Board for consideration.

    Additional questions and responses will be added as they are received.

Middle School Attendance Zones

  • 2019-2020 Middle School Zones based on Street Address

    We are pleased to provide the following lists of addresses to assist you in finding your assigned middle school for the 2019-2020 school year. These are large files and we do not recommend opening on a mobile device. The two files offer the same information, but they are sorted differently for your convenience.

    To find your street address quickly, press ctrl + F (command + F on a Mac) on your keyboard and type your house number and street name in the pop-up search box.

    2019-2020 Middle School Attendance Zones - Sorted by Current Middle School 

    Select this file to view addresses grouped by current middle school to determine your 2019 middle school.

    2019-2020 Middle School Attendance Zones - Sorted by House Number 

    Select this file to view addresses sorted in numerical order by house number.

    A section dedicated to the middle school attendance zone modification has been created in our Let's Talk online communications system and we welcome your questions and feedback. Please submit your question anytime, from anywhere, using Let's Talk!

  • *published September 2018

    Middle School Attendance Zone Modification effective August 2019

    Approved 2019-2020 Middle School Attendance Boundaries

    As our area continues to grow and more families are choosing to move into the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD community, our school district must find ways to accommodate for short-term and long-term enrollment projections. One of the ways to address growth is by building new schools and, in fall of 2019, EMS ISD will open its sixth middle school, Marine Creek Middle School. The newest middle school campus will help alleviate crowding at middle schools across the district. In 2019, four of our middle schools are projected to be near or exceeding capacity.

    Many factors are considered in attendance zone adjustments and district leaders are asking for your input in this process.  The adjustments pertain specifically to families at Creekview, Ed Willkie, Prairie Vista and Wayside middle schools; Highland Middle School is not being affected. Two community meetings were held to discuss the proposed attendance zone adjustments for middle schools.The first meeting was held Thursday, October 25, at Creekview Middle School. The second meeting was held Tuesday, October 30, at Ed Willkie Middle School.

    Specific neighborhoods that could be affected under this proposed plan include:

    • Currently attending Creekview Middle School: The Trails of Marine Creek, Redeagle Place, Marine Creek Hills East, Marine Creek Hills West, Parkview Hills, and The Enclave at Parkview.

    • Currently attending Ed Willkie Middle School: Marine Creek Ranch (blocks A-E, H-L, Q, T, U), Terrace Landing, The Quarry, Trailwood, Remington Point Villas, Melody Hills, Avington Park of Fossil Creek, Meadows of Fossil Creek, Greens of Fossil Lake, The Enclave at Fossil Creek, Hills of Fossil Creek, Fairways of Fossil Creek, Parks of Fossil Creek, Horizons at Fossil Creek, Sandshell Fossil Creek, The Mercantile Center, and Extended Stay Inns & Suites east of I-35 within the school district boundaries. 

    • Currently attending Prairie Vista Middle School: Parkwest, Rancho North, Saginaw West, Willow Creek, Camelot Square Apartments, and Crossings Apartments.

    • Currently attending Wayside Middle School: Boswell Ranch, Whisperwood Estates, Willowstone Estates, Williamsburg Village, and The Cambridge Estates. 

    A section dedicated to the middle school attendance zone modification has been created in our Let's Talk online communications system and we welcome your questions and feedback. Please submit your question anytime, from anywhere, using Let's Talk