• Senior portraits

    This year, student portraits will be taken by CADY Studios.

    On-campus portrait sessions will be at Boswell on August 28, October 9, or December 11, 2024. You can also have portraits made at one of Cady's locations anytime before January 27, 2025.

    Sign up for an appointment at cady.com to have your portrait made.

    The last day for seniors to have their portrait made for the yearbook is January 27, 2025. 

    Please see the “Senior Portraits FAQ” below for additional information.

    Senior Portraits FAQ

    Who do I contact to schedule a senior portrait session?

    Visit cady.com or call their customer service number at (678) 722-3449. You can also visit the Cady Help Center for more information.

    Who do I contact with questions about yearbooks, senior dedications or senior portraits?

    Yearbook adviser Cliff Hamilton, chamilton02@ems-isd.net 

    What days will you take pictures at Boswell?

    We will offer on-campus sessions on August 28, October 9, and December 11, 2024. You must sign up for an appointment to attend one of these sessions.

    Can’t I just have the picture made on school picture day like always?

    No. The photographs taken during the fall picture day are for underclassmen only.

    I just want to get the yearbook photo done. Why do I also have to sit for a cap & gown photo?

    Seniors pose for both a cap/gown and tux/drape photo. At this time, we do not know which option the yearbook editors will use for the book. As it is a student created publication, the editors make that decision once they have chosen the theme. That is why the session includes both shots.

    Why do I have to pay for a sitting fee just to be in the yearbook?

    You don't. Cady offers Boswell students a "yearbook only" session that has no sitting fee. 

    What if I miss the on-campus days?

    You must have your portrait taken by January 27, 2025, at the studio.