TSIA2 Testing Information

  • The Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA or TSIA2) is the state-mandated placement test (Texas Education Code §51.333) that Texas public institutions of higher education must use to determine a student's readiness for college-level courses.

    Based on how a student performs on the TSIA2, they may either be enrolled in a college level course or be placed in the appropriate developmental course to improve their skills and prepare them for success in the college level course.

    High school graduates and dual credit students may have to provide TSIA2 scores to Texas colleges to show college readiness in the areas of reading, writing and math.

    Students can be exempt from the TSIA2 by scoring high enough on the SAT or ACT exam. Due to COVID 19, colleges may adjust their policy regarding TSIA2. Check with specific schools regarding their requirements.

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Study for the TSIA2

  • Use the resources below to study and prepare for the TSIA2 

    Check out Accuplacer TSIA2 study resource page. You will be able to view study guides, exam information and sample ELAR and Math questions. A study app is also available for download on the site.

    TSIA2 Study App - Sign up for the interactive test prep, practice questions, and question of the day.

    Other resources - Students may find the TSIA2 videos and external practice sites helpful when preparing for the TSIA2 exam. 

Scheduling the TSIA2

  • Students will have the opportunity to take the TSIA2 on the SHS campus if they meet one of the following criteria for the 2022-2023 school year:

    • Enrolled in Algebra 1, Geometry & Advanced Geometry (math section of TSIA2 only)
    • Enrolled in English II or English II (ELAR section of TSIA2 only)
    • Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior student completing the required enrollment steps for TCC dual credit courses
      • Testing for dual credit will happen February and March 2023
    • Senior student seeking enrollment at TCC (for at least one course, must have a TCC ID number)
    • Seniors with a TCC ID and need TSIA2 for a university requesting scores
      • Testing opportunities for seniors will occur March 1
      • Seniors must complete the SHS registration form to be included on the March 1 test list.
    • All students must have a TCC ID number in order to be eligible for TSIA2 testing on the high school campus

    Students that miss the campus testing date, or need to re-take a portion of the TSIA2, must schedule the exam through TCC. Click this link for information on how to schedule the exam with TCC.

TSIA2 Testing Locations

  • Testing on Home Campus

    EMS ISD allows students to take the TSIA2 assessment once on their home campus. The testing window for dual credit is traditionally in the month of February. Students that miss testing in the window must take the TSIA2 at the TCC NW Campus Testing Center. Students must test before or after school. Students must have applied to TCC and have a TCC ID number to test.

    Testing on the TCC Campus

    Students will want to visit the TCC Testing Website for specfics for testing on the Northwest Campus. 

    • Cost: Free
    • Students must have applied at TCC and have a TCC ID number to test.
    • On testing day bring a government issued photo ID or EMS ISD school ID to the testing center, and identify yourself as an EMS ISD dual credit student or current senior. If you took the TSIA2 on the home campus and need to re-take a portion of the test, TCC will allow you to take only that section.
    • TCC NW Campus Testing Center- Building: WCTS Room: 1132 Phone: 817-515-7444
    • TCC NW Campus Testing Center- Hours: Mon-Thur 8am-7pm - Friday 8am-5pm
    • TCC NW Campus Testing Center- Closed Saturdays and the Week of March 12-March 16
    • PRIOR TO TESTING @ TCC: Students must view a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). Students are able to view this presentation by logging in to their TCC WebAdvisor account.

Sending TSIA2 Scores to Colleges

  • Option #1

    Click here to request your TSIA2 scores from Accuplacer. You will need to fill in the requested information on this page and Accuplacer will send your scores to the email that was entered on your test day. You will need to use the institution where you took the exam when requesting your scores (Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD or Tarrant County College).  

    Option #2

    Colleges have the ability to pull TSIA2 scores directly from the Accuplacer database. Please communicate with your college on the steps required to request the college pull your scores from the EMS ISD system. Schools will need your consent before they are able to pull your score, so it is necessary for you to follow their procedure. Below are links for several common colleges attended by CTHS students. Click the link to access the form required for the college to automatically retrieve your score report from EMS ISD.

    Tarrant County College

    University of North Texas

    University of Texas Arlington

    Tarleton State University

    For forms from other colleges, explore the specific college websites. Most colleges post information concerning testing and TSIA2 and have the request forms included on their sites.

    Option #3

    If you are having difficulty and have been unable to send your scores to colleges using the previous two options, please complete the following online form to request a copy of your score report. A PDF copy of the TSIA2 score report will be sent to the email address you identify on the form. Students will still have the responsibility of submitting the information received to their college of choice.

    SHS TSIA2 Score Request Form

TSIA2 Scoring

  • Eligibility Scores for Dual Credit

    To be eligible to participate in dual credit, students are required to meet the admissions criteria of Tarrant County College (TCC), which includes completion of the TSIA2 Assessment. TSIA2 required scores for specific subject areas can be found on pages 12-14 in the EMS ISD Dual Credit Handbook. 

    For students not meeting the exemption criteria, the following scores are required on the TSIA2.

    TSIA Required Scores

    ELAR (Reading and Writing) 

    • CRC 945-990 AND Essay 5-8 OR
    • CRC 910-944 AND Diagnostic Level 5-6 AND Essay 5-8


    • CRC 950-990 OR
      CRC 910-949 AND Diagnostic Level 6


TSIA2 Exemptions

  • TSIA2 Exemptions

    Students meeting any of the following criteria can be exempt from the corresponding TSIA2 section.

    PSAT (for dual credit purposes only)

    • EBRW (Evidence Based Reading & Writing) Section Score: 460
    • Math Section Score: 510


    • EBRW (Evidence Based Reading & Writing) Section Score: 480
    • Math Section Score: 530


    • Composite Score: 23, AND
    • English Section Score: 19
    • Math Section Score: 19

    *Special Note: PSAT scores can only be used as an exemption for dual credit courses. Once a student scores a "C" or higher in ENGL 1301, HIST 1301, or GOVT 2305 for dual credit, students will receive a permanent TSIA2 exemption in that subject area. 

    *For exemptions, students must send their official scores through the College Board or ACT to their college.