• Forms / Letters

    Social Security Form

    • Guardian needs to fill out the information that belongs to you completely.
    • Have the student sign and date it.
    • Please make sure to bring all four pages to the school for us to complete. Keep in mind it will take 24 hours for the form to be ready for pickup. 
    • We will fill out the part that belongs to the school and leave it in the front office for pick up.
    • If a student withdraws, we will mail page 4 to the SS office.
    • If you would like for us to send it with the student, please make sure to let the front office know when dropping off the paperwork. 

    Child Support Letter 

    Please make sure to email the request to Sheri McIlroy at smcilroy@ems-isd.net and include your student’s full name, date of birth, and student ID number. Also, please specify if you would like the letter sent home with the student or if you will be coming to pick it up. We cannot email the letter because the seal will not come through when the letter is scanned. 

    VOE- Getting your Driver's License? 

    • Jacqueline Torres in the attendance office will complete the VOE form needed for DPS.
    • Email jtorres01@ems-isd.net
    • Please have your student stop by Student Services and request the form 
    • You can request the form by email.  Please make sure to include your student’s full name, date of birth and student ID number.
    • If approved, they will send it home with the student.