Class of 2023


  • Graduation will take place on May 27, 2023 at 10:00am

    Location: Dickies Arena, 1911 Montgomery St. Fort Worth, TX 76107

Cap Decorations

  • In keeping with Administrative Regulation FNA (Legal), graduating seniors may decorate their caps provided that the following criteria are met:

    • Decorations added to the graduation cap must be limited to the top of the cap, lay flat, and must be one inch away from the edge.
    • All messages should be positive, of gratitude only, and follow FNAA (LOCAL).
    • Images of colleges, trades, or military branches are allowable within the limitations stated above.
    • Dedication to family, teachers, or friends is allowable within the limitations stated above.
    • Only caps meeting the guidelines will be allowed at graduation commencement.
    • Decorated caps may only be worn at commencement. Activities, where regalia is worn prior to commencement, must be worn with a nondecorated cap (class picture, elementary walks, individual/group senior pictures, etc.)
    • Caps that do not meet the requirements above will be replaced by a cap provided by campus administration.

Senior Portraits