• Proclamation 2024  

    Subjects/Courses Under Consideration, Specific to EMS ISD 

    • Science (K-12) 
    • Career and Technical Education (specific courses) 
    • Technology Applications (K-8) 
    • Personal Financial Literacy & Economics 

    During the instructional materials adoption process, Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD is a closed district and all adoption-related questions, emails, and communication should be addressed to the District Instructional Materials Steering Committee.   

    For more information on Proclamation 2024, please visit the TEA Website for Proclamation 2024  

    Closed District Guidelines 

    • Publishers will only attend textbook presentations that are initiated by central administration.  Publishers may not initiate or schedule appointments with members of the Board of Trustees, individual teachers and/or campus or district staff.  Neither the publisher nor their representative may visit, contact, email, or conduct presentations on individual campuses.  Individual or mass mailings, letters, emails, or telephone communications from publishers are not permitted. 

    • Publishers may have contact with the District Instructional Materials Steering Committee. 

    • Any publisher violating district guidelines regarding the process may be barred or disqualified from participating in the EMS ISD instructional material selection process. 

    District Instructional Materials Steering Committee (DIMC)