• Procedures
    Supplies Needed

    Notebook Paper
    Blue or Black Pens
    Grading Pen


    In Family and Consumer Sciences Classes, we will learn about ourselves, family life, child development, nutrition, clothing and textiles,and careers. 


    Grading for High School Credit

    40% Daily Grades

    60% Test Grades


      Grading for Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness
    40% Daily Grades
    60% Test Grades


    The 3 R’s

    Be respectful to others and yourself.

    Be responsible for your


    Follow all the school rules.

    In order to use the labs, you will be required to follow specific lab rules.  We will cover these rules as we prepare to do the labs.



    If you choose not to follow the rules, you may stay for my detention hall before school.

    Major infractions will be directed to the office.

    If you chew gum, or you are tardy to class you will stay one minute of your passing period in my class.  If you repeatedly do this, it will result in a discipline referral. 

    Supplies Needed

    Blue or black pens

    Grading pen



    Composition notebook.

    These are used for the daily warm ups.

    We will need sewing supplies.  7th grade will need them the 2nd or 5th six weeks.  8th grade will need them the 5th six weeks. I will send a note home with the  info about sewing later. It will also be posted on my CMS website.