• Meet Ms. Milligan
         I love teaching, and I love eighth grade!  Some of my friends wonder what I see in 13 and 14 year olds.  I enjoy the enthusiasm for life, the developing sense of humor, and the boundless energy these students possess.
         I am beginning my forty first year as a teacher, and my thirty fourth year in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District.  After completing my education at the University of Texas at Arlington, I spent twenty-one years at Wayside, three years in Mansfield, and three years in Arlington.  In 2004 I returned to this district to teach at Creekview.  English has always been my favorite subject to teach!
         One of my favorite motivational quotes is from Ayn Grubb, a teacher I met at the Advanced Placement Institute.  She urges all of us to remember, "The learning comes during the struggle."  If I am to challenge my students and advance their learning, I must present new concepts and hold my students accountable for mastering those concepts.  At first these new ideas may seem difficult and the student may feel as if he/she is "struggling".  However, without that struggle, he/she will never "learn".
         One of my greatest joys outside the classroom are my daughter and son-in-law, Ashley and Justin.  Ashley is beginning her eleventh year as a first grade teacher in Richardson Independent School District.  Justin is a computer programmer.   However, my greatest joy is my grandchildren--Kayley is 7, and Austin is 5 years old.