A few things about me...
    Mrs. Jordan (librarian extraordinaire!) smile
    I grew up in East Texas (Mt. Pleasant), moved to Denton and graduated from the University of North Texas with a BS in Elementary Education.  I started my career as a teacher at Bryson Elementary (Go Bobcats!) where I was lucky enough to teach 3rd grade for 6 years. I then decided to continue my education at UNT and became a certified librarian at Elkins Elementary for 4 years. I loved the YA literature and decided I wanted to try to move to a middle school library. I have been at Creekview since it opened in August 2003. Go Colts! 
    I am married to a great guy named Brandon and we have 2 kids and 2 dogs. We love, as a family, to go camping, cook and watch sports! When I'm not working, I'm probably watching one of my kiddos playing sports, sitting in my zero gravity chair reading, or at a state park taking a hike!

    swim camp cupcake baseball


    One of my favorite jobs is to build the CMS library collection of books each year and adding tools for our staff to use to help educate our students. I am passionate about the books I read, I buy and our students read! I am always glad to give you my opinion of a book and listen to our students' opinions as well! I love for students to suggest authors or books that they are interested in. My main goal is to have books and circulate books that OUR students will read! I will research any suggestions given and possibly purchase everything that I can.
    Let me know what you want to read or to check-out from the Creekview library, I'm glad to listen!