• Meet the Hosts of CTV

    Austin Andersen

    photo of Austin Anderson

    Austin is extremely excited for his 8th grade year. He is involved in Creekview Football, NJHS, FCA, and theatre. He goes to Eagles View Church and enjoys being a part of their middle school group. Austin is also the tallest kid in school. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with his family, build, and watch WWE. He has a new dog named Maybe. His brother, Logan, is a 7th grader here at CMS. Austin is bummed that it is his last year at Creekview but will make it his best year ever.  

    Ar’Naiya Franklin

    Photo of Ar'Nayia Franklin

    Ar’Naiya is thrilled to be a part of this year’s CTV cast. She is involved in Student Council, NJHS, UIL, Musical Theatre, Texas Youth and Government, Academic Team, Martial Arts, Principles of Human Services, and Tennis. In her free time, she likes to read and spend time with her family and friends. She is also currently learning Spanish and plans to take sign language courses soon. She also plans to learn how to crochet. Ar’Naiya is more than ready to start her 8th grade year and hopes it will be the best year yet. 

    Amina Ghnaim

    Photo of Amina Ghnaim

    Amina is delighted to be a part of the CTV cast this year. She is involved in theater, Spanish, UIL, and tennis. At home she lives with her mom, 2 sisters, 2 dogs, and four cats. Amina loves her cats more than anything else in the world. Her favorite food is pasta, and her favorite drink is juice. She enjoys traveling to new places and watching movies with her family. In the future she hopes to become a pilot or a physical therapist.  But for now, Amina is ready to have a successful last year of middle school. 

    Taylor Harbison

    Photo of Taylor Harbison

    Taylor is so excited to be in Creekview Tv. This year she is participating in sports, Theater, and CTV. Taylor loves the color baby blue. And she is very ready to dominate 8th grade. Her favorite place to eat is chick fila. Taylors favorite drink is Dr pepper. This is Taylors last year at Creekview middle school and she want it to be the best last year of middle school ever!  

    Josie Kieschnick

    Photo of Josie Kieschnick

    Josie is thrilled to be a part of the CTV cast this year. She is involved in Stuco, UIL, Nhjs, and her electives are athletics, Spanish, and varsity choir. She loves to be a part of musicals and she is so excited to be apart this years. She loves sports and loves to surf in her free time. She loves reading and going to the lake. She is so excited to see what happens her 8th grade year.  

    Olesya Padilla

    Photo of Olesya Padilla

    Olesya’s excited for her 8th grade and all the exciting things to come. Olesya is ready for all the sports like volleyball, basketball and many more. Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. Olesya is ready for CTV and all the funny moments to come. 

    Reagan Rigg

    Photo of Reagan Rigg

    Reagan is excited to start 8th grade this year. Her electives are varsity choir and musical theater. She enjoys playing volleyball with her friends and family and is excited to play more sports going into the year. She has an older sister who she really looks up to and has a dog named Roxie who she loves very much. Reagan is thrilled to be a part of the CTV cast this year. 

    Ava Rosalin

    Photo of Ava Rosalin

    Ava is so excited to start 8th grade in CTV. At school, she is involved in cheer, choir, theater, and NJHS. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves to dance and sing. Her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. As it is her last year, she hopes it will be the best. She cannot wait to start this new chapter in her life. 

    Leilani Santiago

    Photo of Leilani Santiago

    Leilani is super excited to be in eighth grade this year and that she gets to be involved in CTV and sports. Her favorite sports are football and basketball. Leilani is also excited to be getting to do subjects like advanced U.S history and advanced science, which are her favorite subjects. She cannot wait for the new opportunities that are to come this year and the new experiences she will have. 

    Jax Stark

    Photo of Jax Stark

    Jax is very excited to take part in Creekview television. Jax takes part in many activities at Creekview. He takes part in various sports and extracurricular activities. His favorite color is pink. Jaxs favorite sport is football. His favorite drink is Dr Pepper. Jax can't wait to fully start CTV, and all the new eighth grade experiences. 

    Tabitha Webster

    Photo of Tabitha Webster

    Tabitha is ready to have a great last year. She has fun being with friends, playing volleyball and being in musicals. To pass time she also reads and hangs out with family. Her family consists of her mom, dad, brother, and five pets (3 cats, a rabbit, and a turtle). She has lived in Texas for half her life and has always been a part of the EMS-ISD community. She not only loves to read but also loves history. She has great passion about her history and others. Her love of learning history started when she found out the significance of where she was born. She was born in Virginia also known as the birthplace of a nation. Tabitha is so excited to be in the CTV cast.