• Meet the Hosts of CTV


    Austin Brady

    Austin Brady is a 13-year-old gamer who loves to play baseball. He and his family moved to Saginaw when he was 10 years old. He has two cats and one dog. His favorite color is red, and he has one younger brother named Nathan.


    Maddie Brownlee

    Maddie is an energetic 13-year-old with a ‘never give up’ attitude.  An NJHS member and Student Council president, Maddie prides herself in being a leader of excellence at Creekview.  She enjoys participating in all sports, singing, acting, UIL events, and just plain goofing off.  To Maddie, Creekview Middle School is the best place to be because everyone is accepted and loved.  She looks forward to an exciting and successful year!


    Brooke Hansen

    Brooke is a 13 year old colt who is happy to call this her third year at Creekview, and her second year as a Creekview cheerleader. In her free time she enjoys cheering, singing, tumbling, and spending time with her friends and family. Her favorite artist is Melanie Martinez and she loves and her fat dog, Sierra. She is really excited to be with such a great group of people this year on CTV.


    Meghan Hester

    Meghan is a fun loving, free spirit. She loves to travel and try new things, and has a passion for adventure. Her internet obsession helps fuel her desire to try new things and pet all the dogs of the world. She is unapologetically herself and considers the stage her home. In her future, she dreams of moving to the west coast and living on the beach, but just being her generally happy self. With her head on her shoulders and positivity as her main goal, Meghan is looking forward to an overall great and exciting school year.


    Halle Jones

    Halle Nicole Jones was born and raised in the great state of Texas. At the tender age of 3 she started ballet, tap, and jazz which led her to the love of the stage. 10 Years later she found her passion in acting on “Off Broadway” type plays and singing in choir as an alto and excels in solo vocals.  She has been trained at Casa Manana in voice lesson and at Lake Country Christian School in singing and acting. Her all time signature color is pink. She doesn’t go a day without wearing her color wither it be on her clothes, nails, earrings or ponytail holder pink is her passion.  She is also a talented athlete in several sports like basketball, volleyball, and pole-vault. But her life wouldn’t be full if she didn’t have her friends and family. Hanging out is what she does, on some Thursday nights you can find her singing karaoke at The Boon Docks. One day soon you will find her in New York City singing on Broadway!  


    Zadie McCraw

    Zadie is currently 13 years old. She enjoys reading, soccer, choir, listening to music, and all things Harry Potter. Some of her favorite bands include: Panic at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots. Zadie is a member of NJHS, and is very excited for her 8th grade year. 



    Ashlynne Souder

    Ashlynne's birthday is August 6th, she just turned 14 years old. She adores Snapchat filters with her friends, singing, dancing, acting, and hanging out with her little brother. He is a 6th grader here at Creekview. Ashlynne is a person full of laugher and kindness. She is the kind of person to boost your confidence level. She is intelligent, independent, respectful, reliable, and confident in anything she does. Her goals for her future are to be on Broadway one day. No matter where Ashlynne will go she will always remember the Creekview Colt in her heart and the Creekview Way. 



    Alauna Washington

    Alauna is a fun loving 5 foot 9, 13 year old. Her favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse and she loves corn cooked in any delicious way. She is a Navy brat and has lived in 7 different states. She is a member of the NJHS and her favorite color is lime green. She loves reading, cooking, sewing, playing basketball, swimming and track and field events. Her passion is to help others and to be a supportive friend. This is her 2nd year at Creekview. Alauna is looking forward to bringing the Creekview spirit through news, all year!


    Lauren Wise

    Lauren is currently 13 and is extremely excited for her third year at Creekview Middle School. Some activities that she enjoys are: singing, playing guitar and piano, acting, basketball, and spending time with friends. Her favorite foods include ice cream, basically anything from Taco Bell, and chocolate; and, she LOOOOVES to watch "Pretty Little Liars" and "Gossip Girl" on Netflix. 


    Sage Witta

    Sage Witta is always ready to learn. He loves dogs and has a dog named Frankie. He does choir and athletics and enjoys doing both. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is chicken wings.