• Middle School Gymnastics – First Day

    On behalf of SHS Gymnastics, we would like to welcome you to the middle school gymnastics class this year. The first day of school is always a hectic transition from summer mode into school operation. The first day we will meet with the middle school gymnasts at their home middle school campus. At the beginning of school the first day the students will meet in the gym at their school. That is where we will meet with the gymnasts to explain what will happen this school year. The second day they will meet at SHS, where the students will report from there on out.

    1. Practice will be held at the Saginaw High School Gymnastics Gym. Practice starts at 7:30am. Parents are responsible for getting them to SHS. The best place to enter the school is through the north side back doors (there will be signs). After training 1st period a bus will pick them up from SHS and take the students to their home campus for 2nd period.
    2. All students must have a current physical on file and must have completed the online athletic packet prior to the first day. They will not be allowed to work out until these things have been completed. Instructions for the online packet are included below.
    3. Boys Uniform - Saginaw High School will issue a workout shirt. The boys will be responsible for providing their own shorts.
    4. Girls Uniform - Girls must wear a leotard and spandex or shorts over the leotard. Spaghetti strap leotards are not allowed. Please make sure the leotard is not low cut in the chest area. Jewelry is not allowed during practice and hair must be worn up.