• Tennis Supplies and Journal Information


    Tennis Racket  Full size racket (no junior size racket)  4 3/8 grip

    Extra Grips

    Damper(s) / Shock Absorber

    Small Towel

    Water Bottle - You will need your own personal bottle.

    Sun Visor or Cap

    Extra Hair Ties (Pony tail holders)

    Tennis Journal    

    Sun Screen                                      

    THINK TENNIS                                             

    After each match I want you to write the things you learned from your match. In your journal include information to answer the following questions and any other feelings you may have about your match.

    1.   How did I play?

    2.   What were some things that I did well during play?

    3.   What are some things that I need to work on?

    4.   How do you feel your opponent played? If you have met the opponent before, do you feel his/her game was on or off?

    5.   What was your opponent’s strengths?

    6.   What did you do?

    7.   What was your opponent’s weaknesses?

    8.   When did you figure out your opponent’s weaknesses?

    9.   What did you do when you realized his/her weaknesses?

    10. Were you a good sport during points?

    11. If not, what can you focus on in order to better your sportsmanship after each point? During side changes? After match?

    12. What are you going to work on during practices?

         ready position?

         ground strokes--forehand/backhand? volleys? overheads?

         footwork on shots--quick feet, set, stroke the ball?

         weight forward on strokes?


         service return?

         How are you going to accomplish this goal?