• Information for Ms. Moreland's Science Class


    Hello!  Welcome to Highland Middle School!  I am so glad that you are in my 6th grade Science class.  We will do many hands-on activities throughout this school year.  I have many exciting activities and labs planned, so here are the class procedures to make this year run smoothly.

    When you come to class, make sure you have . . .

    1. A pencil
    2. Paper
    3. Your Interactive Science Journal (can be stored in class)
    4. Your student planner
    5. An excited attitude to learn SCIENCE!

    ** You won’t need to bring a textbook, I have a classroom set.  You can access the textbook online at:  https://curiosityplace.schoolspecialty.com/

      • Username: highland6
      • Password: hmshawks6


    When you enter the classroom . . .

    There will usually be instructions and/or a warm-up on the front board which will be done either with your table group or in your science journal.


    If you are absent . . .

    1. Check the calendar to see what you missed.
    2. If there is a worksheet, activity or something to add to your Interactive Science Journal (ISJ), you will find it in the hanging folders beside the calendar. You can use my ISJ or work with a friend to update your ISJ.
    3. You have two days to get your make-up work turned in.


    Hall Passes . . .

    The expectation at Highland is that you take care of restroom and locker needs before you arrive in class.  However, in case of an emergency, you will find your hall pass in your student planner.  You must bring your planner to class every day.


    Homework and class work . . .

    Before you turn in work, make sure that you have put a heading in the upper right corner including your first and last name, period number and date so I will know who to give the earned grade.  (Unfortunately, I am not a handwriting expert.)  Then, stack the work in the center of your table.  I will pick up the work from the tables.  I will be following the district grading policy for late work:  1 day late – 15% deducted, 2 days late – 30% deducted, 3 days late – 40% deducted.


    Grades . . .

                    Your six weeks grade will be made up of 40% daily grades (homework, classwork, quizzes, etc.) and 60% major grades (tests, projects, assessments, etc.).


    Rules . . .

    1. Be prompt: Be in your seat and following the instructions on the board when the bell rings.
    2. Be prepared: Bring all supplies to class.
    3. Be polite.
    4. Respect yourself, others and property.
    5. Follow lab rules.


    Consequences for breaking the rules . . .

    1. Teacher warning
    2. Classroom intervention (Ex: seat change, deduction to citizenship, staying after class)
    3. Detention and/or parent notification
    4. Office referral

    ** Severe clause:  a severe offense may result in an immediate office referral and/or a full deduction in citizenship (ex:  moving from an “S” in citizenship to an “N”)


    Extra Credit . . .

    Students may complete extra credit work by finding an article in a newspaper, a magazine or news on the internet related to science.  They must write a one paragraph summary of the article and one paragraph stating what they learned from the article.  They will need to attach the original article to their work.  Three extra credit assignments may be turned in each six weeks.  Extra credit which is completed correctly will be worth 25 points.  This means that 75 points can be earned each six weeks.  No special extra credit will be given.  Extra credit work will need to be turned in by the Tuesday of the last week of each six week period.  No late extra credit will be accepted.


    Morning Tutorials . . .

    I am available most mornings from 7:50-8:20.  Occasionally, I may be unavailable due to meetings or morning duty.


    Rewards for doing something great or being great . . .

    • Hawk Prides! High Fives!  Thumbs up!
    • Positive notes or phone calls home!
    • SPARK!


    I use Remind 101 text reminders for major grades (upcoming test reminders, project due dates, etc.).  If you would like to sign up to get Remind texts, please go to:



    With everyone working together, this will be a fabulous year!!



    Ms. Moreland

    6th grade Science