• How to be Successful in Ms. Moreland’s Science Class




    1.      Come to class.  Good attendance will ensure that you receive all the information you need to succeed.



    2.      Come prepared.  As you walk through the door, prepare you mind for class.  Bring a positive attitude.  Have all your supplies ready.



    3.      Listen during the lesson.  All the information you will need to succeed will be given during the lesson.



    4.      Ask questions when you don’t understand.  My job is to help you understand all the material.  If you don’t ask questions, then I will assume that you were able to understand the lesson.  If you need extra help, come to tutoring from 7:45-8:15, Tuesday-Friday mornings.



    5.      Do your work to the best of you ability and turn it in on time.  Remember to do corrections for daily work with a grade below 70.  Corrections should be completed on a clean sheet of notebook paper and stapled to the original assignment.  Please don’t change the answers on the original assignment, corrections will not be accepted if completed this way.



    6.      Study for tests.  Most of the tests will not be open book.  All of the information on the test will be covered in class.



    7.      Do all the extra credit that is offered.  Extra credit can be completed up to three times during a six weeks period.