• Class Guidelines and Expectations

    Differences in Pre-AP and Regular Classes:
    Pre-AP are often faster paced
    Pre-AP have more depth in classroom discussions
    Pre-AP often have an increased amount of reading
    Pre-AP have an overall greater academic expectation on assignments and time management.
    (This means that if your new Pre-AP student has always had As in a regular class, they may not continue with that grade, because of the higher expectation.)
    Grading policy this year is the same for Pre-AP students and non Pre-AP students: 60% Major Grades 40% Minor Grades.
    District Late work Policy for Pre-AP students is as follows:
    Pre-AP at the middle school level:
    • An assignment may be turned in under the following guidelines:
    o 1 school day late – maximum score is 85
     A 100 would record as an 85 (100 x .85)
     An 80 would record as a 68 (80 x .85)
    o 2 school days late – maximum score is 70
     A 100 would record as a 70 (100 x .70)
     An 80 would record as a 56 (80 x .70)
    o 3 school days late – maximum score of 60
     A 100 would record as an 60 (100 x .60)
     An 80 would record as a 48 (80 x .60)
    • No late work accepted after 3 school business days and a zero is recorded.
    Tutorials are available most mornings at 7:45 am, except for Thursday. I also have tutorials on Wednesday afternoons.
    Students are expected to take control of their learning. They will be given directions, examples and grading policies, and rubrics. They will be given instruction on everything they will be tested over.  It is their responsibility to complete the assignment, ask for help, come to tutoring and plan and implement all "outside school" projects.