• Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Q. Will all students be tested?

    1. No. In accordance with District policy and regulations, the District can only test students who are involved in school-sponsored extracurricular programs/activities. This includes all students in grades 7-12 participating in extracurricular school-sponsored athletics, band, cheerleading, dance, choir, and UIL academic programs/activities. Participation in extracurricular programs/activities is a privilege, not a right, and students must meet specific requirements in order to participate.


    2) Q. Isn’t this program just another way to try to catch kids doing something wrong?

    1. No. The District has implemented a drug-testing program to protect District students and to deter the use of alcohol or illegal drugs. The intended purposes are:
    2. To allow each student in programs/activities subject to testing to make a commitment against drug use;
    3. To give each student an effective tool against drug use;
    4. To ensure the health and safety of each student during practices and performances;
    5. To offer educational and counseling assistance to students who may be identified as having substance abuse problems; and
    6. To deter drug use by students.


     3) Q. Do parents have to sign a consent form?

    1. Yes. Each student and his or her parent shall be required to give written permission that will be effective as long as the student is enrolled at the District campus designated on the consent agreement form. If a student or parent refuses to sign a consent agreement form or provides written notice of revocation of the consent agreement to the principal, the student shall not be allowed to participate in the school-sponsored extracurricular programs/activities for which such testing is required.


    4) Q. How often will students be tested?

    1. When random tests are conducted, ten percent of the students participating in the program/activity shall be randomly selected for each random test date. Using confidential student numbers, the testing laboratory shall generate a random list of students for each date. All students in the drug testing program shall be eligible for testing at each test date. Students shall not be notified in advance of any drug test dates. When selected for testing, each student shall proceed to the testing site and shall remain under the care and supervision of testing personnel until a sample has been provided.


     5) Q. Will the results be confidential?

    1. Yes. Each Secondary Campus will designate an Administrator as the Campus Drug Testing Coordinator. All results of drug testing shall be confidential and shall be disclosed only to the student, the student’s parents, and designated District officials. No drug test results shall be maintained in a student’s records. All test results shall be destroyed when the student graduates from high school. If a student withdraws before graduation and does not return, records shall be destroyed when the student reaches 19 years of age.

    6) Q. How do you know the test results are accurate?

    1. All positive results will be confirmed by a second, more definitive test before being reported as positive. If a second test is reported positive, another test will be performed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).


    7) Q. What happens if a student’s test result is positive?

    1. All positive test results shall be confirmed by a second, more definitive test before being reported as positive. A confirmed positive laboratory test result shall be forwarded to a medical review officer (MRO) for an interpretation and evaluation in order to determine if there is a legitimate explanation for the result. The MRO shall be a licensed medical physician trained in substance abuse and certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers.

    The MRO shall make the final determination in all confirmed positive laboratory test results, and if it is determined that a legitimate reason exists for the positive lab result, the result shall be reported to the District as negative. The District shall take the following steps upon receiving a confirmed positive test result from the testing laboratory. The parent shall be notified, and a meeting shall be scheduled. The parent shall be given an opportunity to offer an explanation and may request a retest at the parent’s expense. If the student is classified as an economically disadvantaged student according to District PEIMS records, consideration will be given for financial assistance to offset the cost of the retest. This second test must be done at an approved SAMHSA lab.

    Following the first confirmed positive test result, the consequences shall be as follows:

    1. The student and his or her parent or guardian shall be required to meet with appropriate school personnel, including the school counselor. The student shall be required to complete a series of educational meetings with the school counselor.
    2. The student shall be retested on the dates of the next three random tests.

     Following a second confirmed positive test result, the consequences shall be as follows:

    1. The student shall be removed from participation in all applicable school-sponsored performances, games, or competitions for 30 school days. The student shall be allowed to continue to practice during the suspension.
    2. The student shall attend a District-approved drug/alcohol counseling program. The student must present to the appropriate school personnel evidence of successful completion of the program.
    3. The student shall be retested on the dates of the next three random tests.

    Following a third confirmed positive test result, the student shall be removed from all applicable school-sponsored programs/activities for the remainder of the student’s school career. After one calendar year from the determination of guilt, an appeal may be made for reinstatement contingent upon substantiated rehabilitation documentation. If the student qualifies for reinstatement, any further positive test results shall result in permanent removal from all applicable programs/activities.


    8) Q. Are all decisions final?

    1. A student or parent may appeal any decision made under the drug testing program in accordance with Board policy FNG (LOCAL). The student will be ineligible for participation in any applicable school-sponsored programs/activities until the appeal process has been completed.