• Lone Star Books iconLone Star Reading Incentive

    In order to encourage students to read the books on the Lone Star reading list, EMS ISD middle school librarians are offering the following incentives.

    These incentives are offered throughout EMS ISD middle schools, so if you switch to another EMS school in the middle
    of the year, you can still participate!
         See the link at left for the 2017-18 Lone Star List
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    • Lone Star Extravaganza--Any student who reads 10 of the books on the list will get to go to a Lone Star Extravaganza in May. It's free for any student who reads 10 Lone Star books before April 1st. 


    More about the Lone Star reading incentive:

    1. You must score at least an 70 on a quiz about each of the books you read in order to qualify. Be sure to read carefully and take your quiz as soon as possible after you finish the book (so it is fresh in your memory).

    2. Participation in this program is totally voluntary. Students are not required to participate.

    3. Books do not have to come from the HMS library! You may use your local public library or purchase your own copies from bookstores. The HMS library has purchased several copies of each Lone Star book.