•               The AVID Strategies
    • The AVID Binder is used to keep students organized and accountablefor assignments and is a very important part of the AVID system.
    • Tutorials with College Tutors are set up two days a week to assiststudents in the AVID program by giving them the opportunity to work insmall groups with college students in the subject area of their coreclasses.
    • Cornell Notes are a note taking technique which have been provento increase students understanding of academics and pushes them tothink on a higher level.
    • Collaborative Groups are used in the AVID classroom to increase understanding through discussions.
    • Inquiry based instruction is used to teach students to ask higherlevel questions and check for understanding, so that the students cantake charge of their own learning.
    • WICR- stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, and Reading. The WICR is the the basis for the AVID curriculum.
    • Rigorous Curriculum is used to challenge students in order to prepare them for success and the road to higher education.
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