• Basketball Philosophy


    Vision: To be known as the premier academic and basketball program in the Fort Worth area. 

    Mission: Create a premier academic and sports program that builds strong character in every student advancing them academically, athletically, and socially while winning District and Bi-District championships.



    How do we become the program that builds strong character in every player while winning District/Bi-District championships and reaching the playoffs every year?  Championships are a by-product of the sacrifice and hard work that takes place in the summers, pre-season, and regular season. I have a strong belief that we have to teach our players what sacrifice is, how to display enthusiasm, overcome adversity, be self-controlled, and play with confidence. These are a few basic concepts that we must understand as parents and coaches and be vigilant when teaching our players.  In our program this process will begin with five key principles that expand into multiple teaching concepts.


    Program Principles and Core Values

    The cornerstone of success begins with enthusiasm.  If you have passion for what you do, it is easy to put the work in to be great at it.  After enthusiasm has been established players must understand the sacrifice needed to be successful in life and in the game of basketball.  This is also why I am a strong advocate of teaching players why discipline is important.  When we work hard it will produce pain (fatigue or discomfort) and that pain can cause us to have to work through adversity.  When we suffer (fight) through tough times on or off the court, those events can shape us and ultimately produce in us the ability to persevere. Once we reach a level of perseverance, it will begin to build character and self-control in our players and this will lead to the hope and confidence to succeed in life after basketball. 

    Enthusiasm              Sacrifice             Perseverance            Character               Confidence

    Passion                     Prepare                  Consistency                  Self-Control                    Hope

    Energy                      Suffering                      Heart                          Loyalty                          Trust

    Motivation                Hard Work                    Pride                         Responsibility              Camaraderie
    Zeal                            Practice                  Competing                 Accountability              Encouragement



    1. Develop enthusiasm in our program and acknowledge it when our players display it.
    2. Acknowledge sacrifice, and teach players what sacrifice is and why it is imperative to our future success.
    3. Teach and apply our understanding of perseverance to both life situations and on the court situations.
    4. Teach self-control which will breed the character of a champion.
    5. Set a high standard and celebrate small achievements to build confidence in every player.