Our mission at the EMS-ISD is to foster a culture of excellence
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    Contact Information:

    Name: Tom Chapman
    Subject: AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2
    Phone: 817.237-3314 x8193
    Conference:  4th period
    Room Number: G111
    Tutorial Schedule:
       Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday   Friday
    AP Physics 1 8:15-8:45 8:15-8:45  8:15-8:45 8:15-8:45  
    AP Physics 2 8:15-8:45 8:15-8:45  8:15-8:45 8:15-8:45  
     Both  4:30-5:00  other  times by  appointment  
    *There will be additional AP review sessions as the AP exams approach.  The schedule for these will be updated as the exams approach.

    BOS Time Tutorials
      3rd Lunch 4th Lunch 5th Lunch
    Monday  Available    
    Tuesday  Available    
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