The Intervention Counseling Program is a school-based process which utilizes a systematic approach to removing barriers which interfere with learning in students. Key elements of the Intervention Counseling Program are identification, screening, intervention, and support. The Intervention Counseling Program fosters collaboration between schools and communities by referring students for assessment and subsequent treatment, when necessary. The goals of this program are to help students achieve their fullest academic potential, improve school environment, foster risk reduction, build developmental assets, and to recognize and promote resiliency.

    To sign up to see the Intervention Counselor at Boswell High School, go to the Counseling Office and fill out a counselor request form. Referral forms may be initiated by students, parents, teachers, or administrators All referrals are confidential. For more information on mental health awareness, click here: http://www.emsisd.com/Page/32532
    Hotline Phone Numbers for Parents and Students

    Child Abuse Reporting Hotline


    Covenant House Referral


    Friends of the Family Inc. Crisis Line


    National Domestic Violence / Abuse Hotline


    National Suicide Hotline


    Self Injury / Self Mutilation


    Texas HIV / STD Info Line


    Texas Runaway Hotline

    1-888-580-HELP (4357)

    Texas Underage Drinking Hotline


    Warmline (Gives advice, guidance and referrals to parents / caregivers)


    United Way Resource Line


    Organizational  Websites for Parents and Students

    Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide



    National Institute on Drug Abuse



     Dating Violence, Love is Respect



     S.A.F.E. Alternatives, Self-Harm






    Anxiety and Depression

    Association of America


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