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    Classroom Expectations

          Be on time

                Turn off electronics and store them securely

                Be honest

                Focus on your own learning

                Use appropriate language and classroom behavior

    ***Treat everyone in and out of our classroom with the same respect and dignity you would like reciprocated.


    Classroom Protocol

                Enter room in an appropriate manner with a good attitude.

                Turn in all assignments on time.

                Place all homework and assignments in the designated location.

                Review and write down daily classroom objectives.

                Begin bell work immediately.

                Listen, participate, make notes, and reflect on classroom objectives.

                Address instructor and classmates appropriately.

                Write down assignment log.

                Exit classroom in an appropriate manner.


    Potential Rewards for Meeting Classroom Expectations and Protocol


    Instructor’s discretion will be used. I may offer extra points, positive phone call/email to parent, or various other rewards.


    Consequences of Choosing Not to Meet Classroom Expectations and Protocol

                1st unwise choice=Verbal Warning

                2nd unwise choice=Student Conference

                3rd unwise choice=Detention/Parent Contact

                4th unwise choice=office referral




                A-Excellent                 90%-100%                  Formative:       40% (daily grades)

                B-Above Average       80%- 89%                   Summative:     60% (major grades)

                C-Average                   75%- 79%                   100% of your average

                D-Below Average       70%- 74%                  

    F-Failing                      69%-   0%       (This is district policy-not determined by 

    classroom teacher)                


    Skyward Family Access and Website


    Parents are encouraged to use Skyward Family Access provided by the district. I will do my best to keep it up to date and accurate, but as you may well guess, grading sometimes piles up.



    Citizenship is the most important grade in our classroom. We may or may not be the smartest people, but we can certainly be the nicest and most well mannered. Academics are crucially important, but please pay close attention to your citizenship. Your actions at our high school do impact this very important part of our grading system. I am known to be a stickler on how we treat one another! An “S” is something you earn by treating people appropriately.



    N-Needs Improvement




    Tardiness will not be tolerated unless a written excuse is immediately provided upon entrance into our classroom. The handbook policy regarding tardiness will be enforced.


    Absences/Late work

    Handbook policy for absences and late work.


    Extra Credit

    Extra Credit Assignments will be offered to each class as a whole. Participation and competition of the assignments will be considered at the end of every six weeks. Participation and completion in ALL extra credit assignments for that grading period is required for credit. There is no implied guarantee of extra credit being offered.




    You will need pen, paper, and a system of organization, EVERYDAY.

    Organization is essential to your success in the world today!


    Cell Phones, Personal Listening Devices, PDAs, Pagers, Handheld Gaming Devices, etc.

    These devices should NOT be seen in the classroom. You will have a few moments of amnesty to put them away at the beginning of the period. If I see them thereafter, I will give you ONE warning. Upon the second infraction, the device will be confiscated and you or your parent(s)/guardian(s) must pick up the device from the office and pay the school fine. At certain times I MAY allow you to use your personal listening devices.


    Food and Drink

    You may have drinks (i.e. water bottle). Food and candy will not be allowed.



    You may email your teacher at:

     Jonathan W. Hardman           jhardman@ems-isd.net

     Coach Pete Houpt                 phoupt@ems-isd.net





















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