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    * Attendance information, including the attendance make-up schedule, can be located on the Boswell website: 1st click on parents and then click on attendance information.


    Please review the following attendance information. A key component to academic achievement is attending classes regularly and arriving to class on time. For any questions, please call the attendance office at 817 / 237 – 3314. We are here to provide assistance.                                                                                                                   8.16.09


    1. Admit Slip: If a student is absent from class(es), he/she must get an admit slip from the attendance office before returning to the class(es).

    ·                     Students are expected to arrive and be at the attendance office window early enough to obtain an admit slip and get to class on time.

    ·                     The admit slip will indicate the missed days/class periods. The student will present the

    admit slip to the teacher(s) for a signature. The last teacher will keep the admit slip and return it to the attendance office.

    ·                     If a student is issued an admit slip after first period and it will be needed the next day, it is the student’s responsibility to keep and not lose the admit slip. If an admit slip is lost, the student will need to come to the attendance office and get another copy of the admit slip. If this causes a student to be late to class or leave class, the student will be counted tardy.

    ·                     Students are requested to turn in excuse notes when obtaining an admit slip. If a note is forgotten, it can be brought the next day. An admit slip is not an excuse note; it lets the teacher know the student has checked in with the attendance office.


    1. Note/Documentation/Reason for Absence: Any documentation submitted or reason for an absence will fall into one of two categories: excused or unexcused. Unless prior contact has been made, students will need to submit a parent note or documentation for reason of absence when requesting an admit slip. Failure to submit the note will result in the absence(s) being counted as truant.

    ·                     (1) Excused absences: illness, documentation for medical or court appointments, serious illness or death of a member of the student’s immediate family, or an emergency that prevents the student from being in school.

    ·                     (2) Unexcused absence examples: personal business, shopping, car trouble, non-medical appointments, non-subpoena court appearances, missed bus, illness other than the immediate family, work or detained by train.

    ·                     If the parent note or reason does not qualify as excused, the absence(s) will remain unexcused.


    1. Early/Parent Dismissal or Partial Day Absence:

    ·                     An early/parent dismissal is not an automatic excused absence. A reason and/or documentation for the absence must be given or submitted before leaving or upon return as required of the absence. Absence procedures are followed for an early/parent dismissal. An early dismissal will count as unexcused unless it falls into the category of an excused absence. 

    ·                     The parent note or phone call requesting an early/parent dismissal must include a specific time for the student to leave, reason, number for verification if needed, and parent signature if it is a note.

    ·                     A student must present a note from a health care provider in order to receive partial day credit.

    ·                     Upon entering or leaving the campus during the day, a student must sign in/out at the attendance office.


    1. Missing class due to an approved school activity is not an absence nor is it treated as one.



    1.  Truancy: A student is considered truant if the absence meets any one of the following:

    ·                     Does not attend school when the parent thinks otherwise.

    ·                     Leaves school during the day without permission.

    ·                     Misses class(es) without permission from a teacher or administrator.

    ·                     Does not attend school and is not under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.


    1. There are two systems of attendance tracking: (1) school attendance tracking for class credit, and (2) state attendance tracking for legal purposes. These two systems of attendance tracking are independent of each other.



    (1) School Attendance Tracking for Class Credit:

    (2) State Attendance Tracking for Legal Purposes:

    1. Counts all absences: excused and unexcused / truancy: 



                TEC 25.085 requires students to be in attendance

       90% of the school year in order to receive credit

       for a class.  Students who are in attendance less

       than 90% of the school year shall not be given

       credit for the class.


    2. Each semester, students can have 9 absences: excused and/or unexcused. On the (10) tenth absence, credit is denied. With each semester, the tracking of attendance for class credit starts over.


    3. Attendance make-up sessions can restore class credit lost by non attendance.

    1. Counts unexcused / truant absences.




    2. Each year, students with 10 unexcused / truant absences in a six month period or 3 unexcused in a four week period will be filed on and taken to court. State attendance tracking starts in August and ends in June.  It NEVER starts over.



    3. Attendance make-up sessions DO NOT change or delete unexcused/truant absences in the state attendance tracking.


    1. Attendance Make-up Sessions: When credit is lost due to attendance, make-up sessions can restore credit. For a schedule, go to the Boswell website: 1st click on parents, then click on attendance information.

    ·                     Attendance Make-up sessions are held on specific dates this year. Attendance make-up needs to be done DURING the semester that the credit is lost. For example, semester one loss of credit needs to be made up during the semester one make-up sessions.

    ·                     Attendance letters are sent home each six weeks to students who have more than the allotted number of absences for that semester. Please know that it is possible to lose credit during the last six weeks of a semester, which would mean not receiving a letter until the end of the semester. Students are encouraged to keep track of their absences.

    ·                     Attendance Make-up sessions are posted and handed out to the students during each semester: at the end of the first and forth six weeks. They are also 1) part of the summer mailing and 2) posted on Boswell’s web site, by 1st clicking on parent information and then clicking on attendance information.

    ·                     It is strongly suggested that students begin making-up attendance as soon as credit is lost on the  tenth absence.  Waiting until the end of the semester means taking the risk there are not enough make-up days needed to restore credit for all classes. Do not wait; take care of any hours owed by serving each six weeks.

    1. Appeal of Hours: For procedures and guidelines to appeal hours owed, see the Boswell website.
    2. Tracking Attendance: You and your student are encouraged to track attendance. Each semester, students can have 9 absences: excused and/or unexcused. On the (10) tenth absence, credit is denied. This means that attendance make-up is required in order to restore credit for that class. Feel free to contact the attendance office to check your student’s attendance.
    3. Updated Attendance Information: All attendance information, including updates, can be found on the  Boswell website: 1st click on parents and then click on attendance information.  Attendance information posted on the website will also be made available for pick up in the attendance office.

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