• Technology Information & Systems
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    District Technology Systems
    The following district systems are used by most employees on a daily basis. Click on the names to see handouts, tutorials, and login information.
    Employees and students on the elementary campuses will sign in to the district network using Novell usernames and passwords. Employees and students on the secondary campuses will access the district networking using Active Directory credentials. These networks provide access to network drives, printers, applications, and more. 
    EMS ISD Staff are provided Microsoft Office 365 accounts for email, calendars, online storage, and more. Employees will be provided with the initial username and password during the New Hire week.  
    Eduphoria: SchoolObjects is a suite of applications that is a one-stop-shop for several things that all district employees may need to access. Teachers complete self-reports and see appraisal data in Eduphoria: PDAS. Teachers and Administrators will use Eduphoria: Aware to see student achievement data.  All employees use Eduphoria: Helpdesk to turn in maintenance and technology requests. All employees also use Eduphoria: Workshop to register for inservice courses and maintain a professional portfolio. Curriculum Documents are found in Eduphoria: Forethought. Teachers also create Lesson Plans in Forethought.

    We use two different applications in Skyward. Teachers and Administrators use Skyward Educator Access for student grades, attendance, and reports. All employees use Skyward Employee Access for access to payroll information, W2, check history information, and more.
    EMS ISD district, campus, and teacher websites are created with Schoolwires. If you are interested in creating a webpage, please be sure to attend one of our trainings or use the tutorials available on the Instructional Technology site. Contact your campus IT to help you get set up correctly.

    Available Technology Trainings

    The Instructional Technologists for the district offer many technology training professional learning opportunities in the summer and throughout the school year.
    You may register for them in Eduphoria: Workshop as soon as your account is set up. You can read more about the many Staff Development opportunities here.

    Who Can Help?
    There are several people you can ask for help with technology equipment, training, or general technology questions. 
    Our Technology Help Desk Specialist can assist users with account concerns (usernames, passwords, etc.) for most of our district systems or can direct you to the appropriate person to help. 
    Each campus has a Campus Technology Integrator (High Schools have two). Our CTI’s are full-time teachers who have taken on the added task of being the general “tech guru” on campus. They are there to communicate technology information with you and assist with troubleshooting when they can.
    There are five district-wide Instructional Technology Trainers who are available to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms and provide support on the district systems. The ITs will provide inservice classes throughout the summer and school year.
    Click here for names and contact information for CTIs and ITs. For information about Skyward Employee Access, please contact  technology at 817-232-0880.
    There is also a great deal of information available on the district Instructional Technology Website. You will find handouts, instructions, and short videos that demonstrate skills in most of the district systems, various software, and more.