• Eduphoria
    Eduphoria: School Objects is a suite of applications that is a one-stop-shop for several things that all district employees may need to access.  Your login and password is the same as your Novell login and password.
    Find basic instructions for all Eduphoria applications on the Instructional Technology Webpage
    Eduphoria: Aware is used by teachers and administrators to see student achievement data, including TAKS tests, CBAs, and other assessments.  Teachers also use Aware to print answer documents for their students for each CBA. Teachers can also create their own student assessments in Aware.

    Eduphoria: Forethought is used by teachers to access Curriculum Documents and Create Lesson Plans.
    Eduphoria: Helpdesk is where all employees turn in requests for maintenance or technology issues.  Maintenance requests should be submitted for items in your room such as plumbing problems, electricity problems, issues with furniture or the physical room itself.  These requests are submitted to your principal, who then approves the request and sends it to the Maintenance Department.  Technology requests should be submitted for problems with your computer or any peripherals (printers, scanners, data projectors, etc.) These requests are sent directly to the Technology Department and will be addressed by a Campus Repair Technician, an Instructional Technologist, or a Network Administrator.

    Teachers submit their self-reports and access appraisal information in Eduphoria: PDAS.
    All employees use Eduphoria:Workshop to register for inservice courses and to keep track of any professional development hours.