• Advanced Placement Studio Art 2D Portfolio-Breadth Section
    12-Breadth ideas in any media: mixed media, any drawing-painting materials, photo.(pinhole, photogram, multiple image, etc)
    Remember, Photography can save your behind...36 shots or more of each subject.
    Value, Color, Shape, Space, Forms, Line, Texture
    Unity, Emphasis, Balance, Variety, Pattern, Proportion, Rhythm
    other considerations:
    Composition, Materials, Contrast, Catch the Viewer's Attention, Craftsmanship, College level work 
    Portrait: BW v Color. Cropped v setting. foreshortening. Elderly/children/object as portrait. Props. Expression. Lighting. More than one person. Part of a person. Photomontage(look at David Hockney) Think balance, movement, space, distortion, etc.
    Objects/Still Life: Toys. Flowers. Tools. Utensils. Bottles. etc.  Think of scale, repetition, pattern, balance. Natural History Museum (look at Horoshi Sugimoto). Science specimens. Macro setting. Flowers. Color v BW.
    Process:Baking a cake (how to do something), factory, company, assembly. Think of Elements/Principles.
    Photojournalism: Parade, rodeo, event, street scene 
    Place:at Church, closet, laundromat, junk yard, cemetery, photomontage of place, fast food restaurant
    Landscapes/architecture: Churches, downtown, museum, city parks like botanical gardens, Trinity park, the creek, river, lake.
    Animals: pets, bugs, wildlife, specimens