• Art 1-4

    Ms. Jenkins


                    Be Prepared

                    Be Productive

                    Be Positive



    1)      Keep your work in front of you all period.

    ·         Do not stop working/stay on task

                   ·     Keep pace


    2)      Work Immediately.

    ·         Pre-plan for projects

    ·         Do not waste time


    3)      Technology use is a privilege.

    ·         Look up art reference material only

    ·        Music to get in your groove


    1)      Warning
    2)      Talk with Teacher , Move, Take up Technology
    3)      Parent contact
    4)      Referral


    Classroom Procedures

    1st 5 minutes: 

    Get your work and supplies. At this time we watch video clips, write about art, discuss safety, techniques, or vocabulary.


    Teacher will discuss the project for the day.

    Last 5 minutes:

    Students stop working and start cleaning/putting up materials as a team. Reflect on learning.


    Art Room Etiquette

    ·         Food/drink is not allowed to mix with art or art supplies.
    ·         Follow all safety procedures/proper use of equipment and supplies. No waste/carelessness.
    ·         Do not move or handle still life material without table-group or teacher approval.
    ·         Be polite with words and actions.


    Grading (per EMS ISD Secondary Grading Handbook)

    Late work: Minus 20 points

    Missing work: Will count 0 points in grade book. May turn in work late minus 20 points.

    Make-up: Make up work when absent without deduction. Generally, you will get one day per absence for make up.

    Absences: Student is responsible to find out what they missed and make it up.

    Students are graded as individuals with project criteria and their skill level or accommodations in mind.



    1)      Bring a pencil every single day.
    2)      Notebook or sketchbook (spiral) to be left in room.



    Contact me any time about your child’s performance in Art. I appreciate your support.

    Amy Jenkins


    (817) 237-3314 x 8289